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Students Placements Programmes 2016 Just launched!
Students Placements Programmes 2016 Just launched! Apply now for 2017 Study Placements- 1, 3 or 6 months 2015
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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Our team of young Green Economists enjoying our Education Programmes and PhDs and Masters in Green Economics. Education with the Green Economics Institute.
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Welcome to the Green Economics Institute

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10th- 12th June 2017, 12th Annual Green Economics Institute, 3 Day Green Economics Conference at St Hugh's College, University of Oxford. Save the Date

Latest Conference Info -all booking information, speakers, accomodation, dates, venues, how to register, how to book, call for papers - everything you need can be found here 12th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference: Call for Papers and Speakers and Participants, Registration and Booking Information, Accomodation etc

June 2017

We are delighted to announce our conference will take place this year at St Hugh's College, and is booking up fast. If you would like to participate, speak, attend, run a workshop or run a stall please email us now to let us know and to reserve a place. The booking forms and information will be available shortly but 450 people have already contacted us to apply to attend!

More information about the conference will be posted here as it becomes available.

Keeping Social and Environmental Justice alive in an Age of Barbarism and an Age of Tyranny. All about Reclaiming the world, Creating an Economy of Caring, Sharing and Supporting Each Other. Energy, Renewables, The Corporate Takeover of the world, Privatising, Selling off our Assets, Fossil Fuel Coup, Divide and Rulers. Keeping social and Environmental Justice alive in an Age of Tyranny, Deceit and Slavery! Read More Here 12th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference: Call for Papers and Speakers and Participants

Photos from Our Recent Annual Conferences

Conference Album Flickr

Our Brand New Books Catalogue for February 2017 Lovely Green Economics Institute Social and Environmental Justice and Reform of Economics Unique and International Voices Books in Print

Our Brand New Catalogue for February 2017 Lovely Green Economics Institute Social and Environmental Justice and Reform of Economics Unique and International Voices Books in Print has just been released.

Read More Here Green Economics Institute Publishing House Books in Print

Books in Print

Books Album Flickr

Our Brand 2017 Research Programme for Researchers, Scholars, Post Graduates, Undergraduates wishing to join us to research and write reports under supervision with us has just been released.

If you would like to join us this year as a researcher and report writer please email us at The programme has had 100s of students through it and is very lively for 2017. This programme is also suitable as work experience for Erasmus Plus Students of all kinds.

Due to expansion of the Green Economics Institute we are now looking for many more team members in 2017

Wanted Directors, Trustees, Team Leaders, Volunteers, Programme Managers, Educationalists, Experts, Conference Makers, Data Managers, Web Inputers, Administrators, Business Development, Project Managers of all types from all backgrounds. We need educational course Managers and people to set the courses us as well as Administrators to schedule lectures, tutorials, interviews and classes. We need a Registrar for our Educational Qualifications and our teaching.

We urgently need Administrators for our Charitable Trust and an administrator for each Department of the Green Economics Institute. In partcular we now have more than 100 published titles and so urgently need we need a manager for our book sales: a manager for our books production and a manager for our books editing and a manager for our commissioning as well as individual Books Series Champions as we branch out into Poetry, Photography and Non Fiction too as well as more books on Migration and more books on Economics, Finance and Investment as well as Reports on Farming and Food Security.

Having had more than 1000 students we now need educational specialists to set up more formal courses and to manage our partnerships with universities. As we expand we really need help with fund raising and investment preparation and managers and coordinators

We urgently need several project managers for each department too

We need some technical social media specialists and crowd funding specialists and video and film makers and many more volunteers.

We need many more Economists, Investment, Climate Scientists and Climate Finance Experts too, please apply for 2017.

If you are available in 2017 and would like to experience the thrill of working with our global innovators and change makers please send an email to us explaining what you can offer, and attach your cv and we will get back to you to discuss what is possible. Most of our roles are voluntary but some do attract commission or fees depending on requirements. We are a very small charitable organisation but with a global reach and inpact which is quite awesome.

COP23 UNFCC United Nations Climate Change Conference December 2017 in Bonn, Germany hosted by Fiji

We are very pleased to announce our two delegations to this conference. We are looking for 20 people to attend and help negotiate one of the most important treaties ever. One team will be inside the conference talking to diplomats and the other outside talking to the public, and we will have two stalls and several official side events as usual. We are looking for funding, team members, support, participation and general interest in this climate change work. Please email us with your cv if you would like to get involved.

Membership of The Green Economics Institute for 2017 is now open. Please apply today

We welcome members from all over the world, to join our Green Economics Institute and take part in our ground breaking activities which range from being Caribbean Leaders 2030 to earning the Green Business Award in Luxembourg from the Government to working with the Pygmy Indigenous people as they style themselves to help save the DRCongo. All are very welcome -anyone interested in social and environmental justice, economics reform for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems. An economics of caring, sharing and supporting each other- you are welcome to apply to join us and then participate in our activities. It is £60 to join in 2017 and £30 for concessions. You can pay either by BACs transfer or Paypal from most places in the world. Those on very low incomes personally are not excluded but can join on a case by case basis, please email us with your cv.

Membership Photos

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Our Climate Change Delegations

Email us at

Our Recent Delegation to COP22 and our Climate Debrief Conference in London November 21st 2016

We are delighted to report about our largest ever team at the COP 22 United Nations Climate Conferencein Marakesh, Morocco. We are greatful to our participants much luck in negotiating a binding deal which preserves our climate at 1.5 degrees, suggests Carbon rationing at 2 tonnes of carbon for every person on the planet, and is legally binding on all nations. This will help stop the march of dangerous climate change.

Our team this time was composed of:

Miriam Kennet: Climate scientist and economist, Editor of the world first Green Academic Journal, The International Journal of Green Economics. Author of many books and papers. Member of the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, Chair of its COP21 Paris climate science panel, Green Business Award from Luxembourg Ministry of Trade, 100 most powerful global women One world action. Editor of several publications on migration and on climate change. Part of The Foreign Office's Green Caribbean leaders 2030 initiative.

Michelle S Gale de Oliveira: (USA and Brazil): Director, human rights law specialist -economist- international relations

Michael Shipley:: Biologist and Policy Maker, Ecology, policy methodology and implementation. Methodology

Susan Shipley:: Health implications, drought/flood policies, impacts on indigenous people& activities

Jack Easton: :Auditor, accountant, tax specialist, advisor on economics and investment for change

Natalie Bennett:: (UK and Australasia) Agricultural Scientist, Media Specialist and recent Leader of the Greens GPEW

Councillor David Williams: :Oxford County Council, Green Cities specialist and China UK business expert

Allison Williams:: Artist in Residence. Trade Unions

Rose Bridger :specialist in aviation and land grab and author of The Plane Truth

Hend Ahmed : (Egypt) Professional Economics Researcher and Author of our book on climate change and renewables in Egypt and the MENA region.

They worked to implement our Climate Change policies :

Disaster: We are now at 404 ppm CO2! The world has not experienced such high levels for 700,000 years. Ration our personal C02 use to two tonnes of carbon each. Limit climate change to 1.5 degrees of warming NOW. Potential Global warming warning today of 7 degrees & sea levels are rising enough to start wiping out many countries, coastlines, small island states, & our entire civilisation in this century. Most major cities are situated by water, sea or rivers. More and more flooding, inland cities are already struggling to provide enough water for citizens and droughts, flash floods and extreme events are already coming.

Health effects, (heart attacks) pollution, half of all species and animals on earth are being wiped out at the moment. Fish in the seas we take for granted all face extinction, coral reefs, and the list goes on.

Refugee and migration crisis has only just started. Mass displacement of human populations are already very evident. It will become much, much worse as many of the world's regions turn too hot to grow food or to survive the blistering temperatures. Scientists are extremely worried that no current methodology is making the grade politically to stop runaway climate change. We need action now! Acknowledge climate refugees and the role of climate change in today's political landslides, tsunamis and crises.

Reduce demand for energy, decarbonisation and an immediate switch to renewables and removing the perverse incentives to continue to use fossil fuels.

Governments to chose now to move to 1.5 degrees implementation NOW- Not in the future. Each person to have a carbon ration of 2 tonnes of carbon- No embedded carbon in products being moved around the world.. Make it legally binding. We need a more equitable sustainable fairer economy, working within the bounds of nature for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet & its systems.

Support our standing delegations to the United Nations COP Climate Conferences We work tirelessly to stop runaway climate change and have a regular COP delegation. Our teams comprise some of the world's best climate scientists, Nobel Prize winners & climate experts. The UNFCC Climate Change COP Conferences are a really important democratic coming together of voices from all over the globe. This matters: Inclusion is the only way we can combat climate change. The vulnerable suffer more climate change effects. More women and children were killed in New Orleans for example. We therefore support COP.

Much of the damage done to the climate is due to economics excuses and so together climate scientists, policy makers and economists must tackle and remove vested interests & perverse incentives and shift the world's economy to a more sustainable trajectory. Global, united, urgent & determined COP.

We would like to invite you to join us this year, and participate in the global transformation -

The reformation of economics for a fairer world.

The Post Oil Economy for Social Justice. Staving off disaster.

We will be looking at the mess of the global economy, the need for social and environmental justice and we will also be understanding how runaway climate change has caused a mass global migration of plants, insects, mammals and people and how the media is simply not covering it and people are afraid to voice the fact that they are all being affected by climate change-as is the economy. This disaster is unfolding in front of all of us and no one is speaking about it. Lobbing a few bombs simply wont stop it. More fracking and nuclear power stations simply wont stop it. We need to work together with our diminishing habitable land and stop runnaway climate change getting any worse.

Books Catalogue and Books Purchasing from The Green Economics Institute

Books in Print from the Green Economics Institute Publishing House

100 Titles on all aspects of Social and Environmental Justice and Economics Reform.

Green Economics Institute Publishing House Books in Print

Students Programmes with The Green Economics Institute Recruiting for 2017 Now

We are interviewing students this week for our own programmes to study with the Green Economics Institute in 2016. We offer courses and programmes at all levels and to complement other studies too- Undergraduate, Study Placements, Trainees, Erasmus, Masters, Post Graduate, Research Fellows, Doctoral Studies, and Professional Qualifications and Examinations. Our exams are favoured by Professors, MPs, and also regular students.

We welcome students to our offices, we have some residential accomodation and also remote students connecting via skype from other parts of the world. Our students come to us from all over the world and from all walks of life -we welcome non standard students and all our students are able to think outside the box and often have interesting unusual cvs. All are characterised by wanting to work for social and environmental justice and economics reform.If you would like to join our programmes please email today-

If you would like to apply please email initially with an email cover letter of motivation and attach your cv please telling us what you can offer the Institute and what you would like to achieve with us.Most importantly please advise us when you are available.Most of our students take part in our academic journal, our books creation, our writing, our conferences, our speeches and visit ground breaking and exiting venues, and change makers. They gain a global network which they can be part of for life and support for their ideas.Most students, (subject to the student following our guidance and teaching and attending the classes we offer) (96% approximately of our students have acheived at least one academic or other citation by getting their work published with us in our books or journals).

All About us and what we do

The Green Economics Institute is the worlds leading Think Tank and Development Incubator for Green Economics and the Green Economy. By this we mean Social and Environmental Justice and the economics of caring,sharing and supporting each other.

We have already transformed economics and effected a Renaissance. For us Economics is based on the Greek word " oikia" or household management, NOT greed, profit, bonuses and powerful people pushing to the front. We think economics and the economy would be far more efficient and long lasting if it was more equal and more beneficial for all people everywhere, especially women, nature, the planet and its systems.

Our COP21 UNFCC Climate Change Delegation

We are delighted to report that we had a delegation to COP21 in Paris. There were 10 people in our team plus four official delegates, including the inventor of the Carbon Market, Professor Graciela Chichilnisky and Professor Peter Yang of the USA and China a specialist in Energy Policy and advisor to the governments. Both are accomplished authors of many books. Most recently Professor Yang has produced- Rolling Back the Tide of Climate Change- energy policies in the USA and China - out this week, and Renewables are Getting Cheaper- out next week.

The rest of the team will consist of Michelle Gale D'Oliveira (Brazil and USA) author of many books and papers, and a specialist in Gender and in Human Rights Law. Accompanying us will be a further 10 people from all backgrounds

Offical Side Event Hosted by Our CEO Miriam Kennet

We hosted an official side event in the COP venue with Oxford University and several Ministers from all over the world and additionally, one unofficial side event and we also ran an exhibition stall in the COP21 Venue jointly with the Amazon Fund and the Brazilian Government.

If youd like to join us or help us to attend COP22 in Marakesh please email and we will be pleased to hear from you.

Introduction to Green Economics and What we do and Why we do it

We see a lack of progress or realism in the world economy with bankrupt ideas and hopelessly outdated models solving problems for rich people which are from yesteryear. We work at the cutting edge of todays 21st century challenges in Alternative Economics, under a Heterodox Umbrella but also in Science, we regard ourselves as Scientists as we keep a totally Real World Perspective in our Economics. We use stats and maths to understand the Real World and its ecology. Not to fabricate meaningless and boring formula dreamt up by people who have never worked in the real world and who have no scientific background or understanding about sustainability and the physical aspects of the world.

All our team are interdisciplinarily and pluralist in their training and many are Professors or doers and some are Nobel Prize Winners. They all have a vision above and beyond the every day but based firmly on practical foundations, we make change for ordinary people -of which most people including ourselves are. We dont think we should be creating an economy for the elite and those who already have alot or far too much to consume. We think we should be creating an economy for everyone to share and have a healthy and pleasant life with enough to eat, freedom to express themselves and their thoughts, so long as they dont hurt others, and with safe and clean air, water and soil. With a free life long education and a health care system free at the point of use and a decent public transport system and jobs which are meaningful and satisfying and linked to community improvement not just profit for greedy shareholders. We seek to do things differently and we have a huge suppporter base in our quest.

We believe that neo classical and neo liberal economics, has had its day, and is now causing mahem world wide. We know that production needs to be locallised again, that meaningless globalisation -wizing useless things around the world is the cause of untold slavery, misery, exploitation and pollution and climate change and is hollowing out whole economies of countries and now entire regions of the globe.Far from creating jobs, it is actually decimating them wholesale. Its time to stop and to start to encourage local economic progress and production. Its above all time to get the Supply Chains Real, stop the bullying, stop the bribery, stop the corruption which now seems to be endemic everywhere as systems struggle to scroll down into the detail of global payments, food supply and activity which is so vast that no one not even bankers have the faintest clue what they are working with or selling. Its time to stop and to re-educate ourselves.Buyers and Procurement Specialists need to rethink the mess they have created and stop taking the easy way out. The whole world does not need to source everything in Chinese slave factories. Its not fair on the Chinese and its hollowing out other economies.

All the larger companies need to start paying the fair rate of tax, and paying decent wages for decent jobs- Hall of Shame this month is Apple. We urgently want to hear how they will be repairing the cruelty and hurt they have caused their workers, and the shame they have brought on their users.

Young and old alike need to take stock, find out what disasters have been done in their name, check everytime they buy something- if its daft like a small item from half way round the world- go to the shop keeper and complain and ask them to stock local produce for local needs, local jobs for local people whereever sensible. Revive local economies, look after homeless people in our own community, and for parents and teachers to give a sense of leadership and vision.

People need to learn the art of leadership and everyone can be a leader in something that they are proud of no matter how small. We need to encourage respect for everyone in our community and start sharing the planet and its bounty fast before its too late- make a New Years Resolution for change- no matter how small - cut your own carbon footprint by 10 more per cent, go and help in a homeless centre, start a little local busines, help someone else every day. Make yourself feel good in this way- This we call Green Economics! Caring, sharing and supporting each other, reforming economics, reclaiming it for all of us, not just the rich and powerful few.

We work tirelessly to implement change at all levels. We have won many awards for our work and our ideas are used around the globe.

We work with ordinary people, but our work is studied, read and admired by governments, kings and princes as well. Our leadership role has been acknowledged and invitations received from all sorts of quarters, including The United Nations, the National Government School, the Cabinet Office, the EU, and most recently the Luxembourg Government

We will have run several events in the House of Commons for our members and do so regualarly. Our work has been published all over the world including in the Havard Economics Magazine and the Trecanni in Italy and many other places. We have our own Academic Journals.

We have world class speakers on many topics related to social and environmental justice

We publish books and Research Reports and also run academic and also policy conferences mainly at Oxford University but also all around the world as well.

Each year we have a programme for new Innovators and people come and study with us to learn about our unique methodology, future visioning and ideas.

We run regular conferences and fund raising events to ensure our change making is as effective as any on the planet. If you would like to know more or to participate in our work or our events please contact us.

This year 2015 is our 10th Anniversary so we have had a very lively programme of events - all designed to create waves of change in the world and in the economy.

If youd like to help with our campaign for a Change in Economics both in practice, policy and in Universities - get in touch with us now and tell us about your own vision for a better future and we will show you how you can help create a real alternative in the world

Many thanks for your visit to us and welcome. You can contact us by emailing

or Texting 00 44 (0) 7990 590463

Have a look at some of our activities

Introducing the Green Economics Institute

Watch highlights from our previous Annual Green Economics Conference on U Tube

Previous Conference on U Tube 9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference

Introducing the Green Economics Institute:what we do and how we do it

UTube -Chatting on U tube about the Green Economics Institute, what we do and how we do it. Our previous Annual Green Economics Institute Conference on U Tube Introducing the Green Economics Institute: Chatting on U Tube

Green Economics launched in India at Shillong Institute of Management Launch of Green Economics in India August 7th and 8th 2014, Green Economics Conference and matching Green Economics Institute's Book-Green Economics in India:The Economics Miracle

Green Economics is one of the fastest growing global movements for change which has been taken up by many governments and NGOs and is having a huge influence on the worldwide social and economic landscape. It seeks to reform the very concept of economics itself by creating an entirely new discipline which is designed to help all people everywhere, prevent poverty as a given assumption, consider other species, nature and the planet and its systems.

The Green Economics Institute Team in the summer of 2013

Green Economics is for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems as beneficiaries- not just as throw away imputs to a mainstream economy. Its for everyone and everything on the planet.

The climate has started to change and is more unstable. Human civilisation has built up over the last 10,000 years since the last ice age. If we mess with the climate that nutured us and our way of life- we enter unknown waters and we have no roadmap to guide us. In an age of rising sea levels we are in danger of drifting way out of our confort zone. We think we should be trying to halt further runnaway climate change, rather than increasing its velocity.

flooding in England in February 2014

About the Green Economics Institute

Bridging the gap between the technology, output and culture from the old economy to the philosophy and production modes of economies of the 21st and 22nd centuries: dont miss out on our ground breaking activities and innovations!

Miriam Kennet and Ben Armstrong-Haworth our Management team members at the House of Commons.

House of Commons

The Green Economics Institute has been spreading ideas of reform and a Renaissance in Economics and is leading thinking in this new global transformation. We are now an international network of 15000 people, and we aim to change the world through this revolutionary way of thinking: Green Economics. We are achieving this by running lectures, organising conferences, briefing governments, teaching and educating and of course writing and publishing our own books and journals. The 21st century has marked an incredibly new and powerful age of Global Transformation-the Age of Green Economics.

The Green Economics Institute works to change government policy and to implement their vision of a world where economics is changed and reclaimed for all people everywhere, especially women, minorities, and less able people, and people whose voice is not normally heard. It has been about fairness since the beginning.

It works to include gender equality as a major part of this as 70% of the worlds poor are women and also it works in all sorts of countries to help people to realise their own voice.

Members of our global network works as equals with mutual respect.

Aims of the Green Economics Institute

1. We aim to create a new discipline in economics called "Green Economics"

2. We aim to create a climate where the reform of mainstream economics seems natural and the right thing everyone wants to do

3. We aim to put social and environmental justice at the heart of economics and financial practice, policy and theory

4. We aim to create a Renaissance in Economics -unpicking economics theory and text book assumptions to enable change to happen in the real world and the real economy

5 We aim to build a global network of Change Makers who can make this happen

6 Our network is diverse, and colourful and representative of ordinary people. We believe this is the future. Our network is gender balanced and we want economics and finance to start being like this everywhere

7. We want to stop runnaway dangerous climate change and instability and to advise people to start calculating their own carbon and reducing it

8 We want to stop the current 6 th ever mass extinction of species and halt biodiversity loss, we need other species and we dont want to be alone on this planet. We know the economy wont work without other species. We want to educate people about this

9 Our network is inclusive and includes people with special needs and we value everyone- not just the greatest happiness of the greatest number- we believe everyone and everything on the planet matters.We dont scramble over the voiceless to get to power- we include everyone who wants to make a positive contribution. We want to prevent poverty- not just to offer solutions to cure it.Therefore we work on the causes of poverty and the powerful interests that create " haves" and " have nots " and we try to unravell this.

10 Many of our network come from humble backgrounds and have had challenges and personal struggles in their lives of all kinds- we believe this makes them richer thinkers and we value that insight that each person brings. We aim to transform the lives of our network members and also of others with whom we come into contact.

In Reforming Economics and Finance and also to create a climate where economics and the economy create a much nicer and more inclusive world, where caring, sharing and supporting each other is the norm and accepted as the way to be.

We work to create social and environmental justice together.

We are not satisfied with mitigating the effects

We exist to create a framework for a complete change in the way we do things and the rationale and philosophy and structure of the economy. We are credited with creating the academic discipline of Green Economics and now we are busy implementing these ideas around the world and influencing the debate, policy makers, governments and the worlds shapers and movers.

Our Trust exists to provide education in this field.

We work through our international Institute, we are a registered Book Publisher and we have founded a unique academic Journal now in its 11th year.

We are also an Educational Institute and College and a leading international network of Innovators in all aspects of Green issues.We are a great place to study and we publish a new kind of open source book with lots of voices from all around the world. We are involved in all aspects of change from Research right through to implementing practical and applied change.

We also have speakers, lecturers and tutors available and we provide training courses and education in settings all around the world. We run regular and frequent conferences all around the world and often hold them at Oxford University.


Our particular campaigns include: gender equality, stopping and reversing rapid and hostile climate change, reforming economics into a goals based discipline, reforming our ideas about philosophy, stopping biodiversity loss, stopping geo physical changes brought on by humans of the anthropocene, helping humans plan an economy that works within the comfortable bounds of nature and the planet allowing both to flourish, working to ensure green jobs and green careers are available to young people- and helping prevent youth unemployment, helping to ensure ordinary people have banks that help them and not speculation which robs them.Changing energy use to renewables often small scale and locally generated and changing transport from private car use to encouraging investment by governments into safe accessible viable and attractive public transport for the 21st century and the second millenium. Helping to ensure Europe and other trading blocks help the people in them rather than existing to promote large multinationals, helping to ensure tax burdens are bourne by those most priviledged who can afford them. Helping to create and ensure democracy in many countries where corruption is more prevalent than fairness and equality and rights to vote. Helping to prevent outsourcing of environmental and social and economic benefits.Helping to ensure the European area starts to manufacture and reverse -"the fall of the Roman Empire" and bring the Real Economy back to strength and vigour.Helping to reinvigorate eduction and science for all people in the European space and helping women and older people and younger people participate as they want to make their own contributions. Advising governments and international institutions about what greening the economy and growth and flourishing really mean.Helping to eliminate and above all prevent poverty- by controlling those forces that dont care about the outcome of their particular economics ideology. Creating a more efficient earth,nature and people friendly for the 21st century.

Our current campaigns include Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty- how to prevent it- we are very active in this and have won awards

We are working to implement a green economy in Africa- our book Green Economics Voices of Africa is now available

We are working on the Eurozone crisis and its implications: we shortly have briefings and books coming out about that

We are working on the Green Built Environment - ensuring the green economy is part of the physical fabric of our lives and we have a book out about that- The Green Built Environment

We work on preventing dangerous and inhospitable climate conditions and reversing climate change -and we have a book out about that Green Economics and Climate Change

We also look at the way equality can be implemented and work on a citizens income with Clive Lord and our book Green Economics and a Citizens Income is out now

We do this by producing policy, advising on policy, running campaigns, writing and compiling our 4 book series- Reader Books, Handbooks, Philosophy of the 20th and 21st Century books, and Green Economics and Sustainability Book Series and also our academic journal International Journal of Green Economics, and our Members global networking magazine The Green Economist and occassional papers and Green Economics Briefing Papers.

We also run our own courses for older people, younger people, people all over the world and in all countries, and bring together visionary and innovate change makers: people from all over the world and all over Europe, to plan and innovate, changing the worlds economies as we do it!

We also run such courses for governments in the past Italian government,Nigerian governments, Dutch governments, UK governments, Balkan governments and many others all over the world.

We speak in various parliaments and governments around the world to create an atmosphere and incubating change and work with young revolutionaries in the rapidly changing geo political environment in the Middle East offering them hope and vision for changing their society.

We provide support for minority campaigns.

We are working on the green economy-Features, theory, practise, methodology and implementation to ensure its a version that allows for flourishing, equality and fairness and is above all inclusive and we have the Green Economics Reader, The Handbook of Green Economics, and Green Economics Methodology Books coming out about those.

Above all we advise governments how they can change and implement the green economy and we advise students and academics at all levels how to do this -and what a green economy actually is: we have a Masters course and short introductory courses for that.Please email to enquire for details.We also give lectures, speeches and training, all over the worl in Universities and Governments from China to South America and Africa- please email to request a world class trainer, teacher, lecturer, speaker, Professor, policy maker or campaigner.If you wouldlike our help to make change wherever you are: email us at and discuss your requirement with our CEO Miriam Kennet who just won an award for creating global inclusion in the world economy!

Our Aims

Our aim is to reclaim economics, for all people everywhere, especially women and minorities, nature, other species, the planet and its systems, all underpinned by developing the complex mesh social and environmental justice together. It is to invent and to promote green economics as a new discipline and discourse.

It is to promote the ideas of social and environmental justice as being two halves of the same idea- you cant have one without the other. It is intensely practical. Phase one was about spreading the idea around the planet which has largely been achieved, phase two is about implementation, including such ideas as democracy, innovation, green procurement, green IT, changes to transport, changes to distribution, changes to the entire way we do things

. Changes to green solutions so they are completely inclusive of everyone and everything on the planet. Its about recognising that we are all connected and that we need each other and we need other species and we need the planets systems which we are all part of. In this recession and downturn its about understanding how to work together for a bright, healthy progressive and positive future for our species which lasts and which is fun and exciting and which works to help everyone especially those who don't have a voice on the planet. Its about managing our own impacts, our own economics needs and our own responsibilities.

Everyone and everything on the planet has needs, responsibilities and impacts. We need to ensure they can all happen together to benefit each other, not just using the economy and others as throw away imputs to a faceless uncaring economy but as a positive global force for changing the way we do things - for the better for every person, every species, every system on the planet.! The major stumbling block to this in the 20th century was the rise of the changed idea of economics- as a faceless exclusive alienating tool

The idea of the 21st century is a complete about turn - so that the economy and economics enhances all our lives and our existence on the planet as a force for good, even a high tech and accessible future for everyone and with everyone involved. We do this using progressive and beneficial economics. We named this -green economics. The economics of equality, equity and sharing ! We have spread this idea right round the globe and we are now consolidating it and implelementing it. Join us today and enjoy being part of the fastest growing movement around the planet! For a really exciting and visionary future!

What is Green Economics? An age of global transformation- An age of Green Economics

Green Economics positions economics within a very long-term, earth-wide, holistic context of reality as a part of nature in the longer term and as a blueprint for 21st century economics practice in the shorter term. It moves economics from an emphasis and outcome of military, sex and cars, with Fordist and Taylorist high mass consumption of the 20th century into the economy of the 21th century which has a completely new aim and objective, for provisioning for the needs of all people everywhere, other species, nature, the planet and its systems as beneficiaries rather than throwaway inputs to the ceteris paribus economy of homo economicus and ruling man and his preferences. Economics is no longer about men in business suits- arguing over supply and demand curves and models. Economics is reclaimed as something that everyone and everything on the planet practices as all have impacts and all have needs, all have responsibilities and all have spheres of impact.

Economics goes back to its roots- as a discipline of household and estate management - oikia- rather than being predicated on greed, profit and price- with its joint roots in ecology.

By combining economics with knowledge from the natural sciences, Economics can now incorporate a much wider, more practical, holistic, and pluralist multidisciplinary range of knowledge than other schools of economics under a heterodox umbrella. Green Economics can offer unique insights into four of the key areas ('eco', intellectual, political and moral) of today's significant and mounting problems and highlights how its novel insights provide new solutions.

The development of this new branch of Economics critiques the main contradictions, deficiencies, assumptions, conventions, and inherent normative concepts found in dominant neo-classical economic thinking, which have accumulated over the past two centuries and reassessing the world undergoing social and environmental change.

It develops these themes further in order to achieve simultaneous social and environmental justice, as inseparable parts of a whole. Green Economics looks for solutions that simultaneously address poverty,( one fifth of humanity), current dangerous runaway climate change and instability and ending the current mass extinction of species ( currently there is the 6th ever on earth mass extinction event going on ) within an equitable and future proofed framework.

Green Economics is extremely forward thinking, long term, hi tech, futuristic, technically competent, ( many of our board have degrees in economics and Phds or other degrees in earth science or physics). Many are also literate in social science, many specialising in new ways of examining -truth and reality in both the social and physical world, using new innovative more up to date methodology. Our project is nothing less than to re-conceptualise the philosophy of economics and its and our place in the world.

As such a particular aspect is to re consider the role of economic growth, the role of GDP, and the role, structure and outcomes in the real economy of production, Foreign Direct Investment, speculation, land use, construction, property, procurement, logistics and supply chains and accounting as well as IT, and computer uses and intellectual property issues. Practises we use include everything on open source, and using slow travel in our work as well as web cams, web seminars and open source publishing. We have one of the largest green websites with free up to the minute global news and information. We also believe in local production for local needs, efficiency for appropriate supply, eg milk and vegetables being produced locally, energy being produced locally where possible and SMART grids being implemented. We are also exploring higher tech solutions. However, climate change will lead to huge areas of the world being uninhabitable or unsuitable for growing food and we are committed to a sharing methodology for all of humanity - rather than a l"and, forest and food grab" of assets by the rich and powerful.

This means global solutions for global problems such as poverty and it means working much harder to prioritise the Millenium Development Goals especially the education and empowerment of women and girls. It has been suggested (McGlade) by the European Environment Agency that educating and empowering women - would alone reduce the population projection down from 9 billion to 7 billion humans. This alone would allieviate huge amounts of hardship. We advocate empowerment of women and girls and the single most important piece of work to be done in the next few years - which will have direct benefits for all of us on the planet. Men currently own 99% of the worlds assets and this patriarchy and accumulation needs to be urgently rebalanced into a more sharing and caring economics practis.Most of the worlds poor are women and many women are poor. Poverty is a highly gendered situation. Many of the main victims of aids HIV today are women and many of the main victims of disasters from the Tsunami and other natural disasters are women being poorer and often more directly dependent on the natural world. Women are still dying in huge numbers in pregnancy and child birth all over the world. There were more slaves, mainly women, in the 20th century than ever before- far from eradication of slavery - it is thriving and has a very gendered aspect and needs urgent re- abolition - this time for good!

Green Economics has also been termed -The economics of sharing -so it addresses now forms of distribution and also the economics of doing- as it is now a major player in many governments around the world, in the race to become green and to use Green Economics and the green economy as the one ray of hope in ending the current economics downturn and setting trends for 21st century economics and provisioning over the century for the needs of all people everywhere, other species, nature the planet and its systems and in fact provisioning for the comfortable survivability of the human and other species. Governments all over the world are falling over themselves to understand this programme and message- do ensure you don't loose out!

It aims to innovate in methodology of economics, theory and practice making economics acessible for everyone. We are actively changing the culture of homo economicus and making economics broader and more socially and environmentally just.Our Sustainable Development Economics courses include robust, lively and enjoyable training in development and in women's economics, environmental change and social justice. We do this using participatory methodology.

We want to transform economics to enable it to provision for the needs of all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems.We want economics to benefit these groups rather than being throw away inputs in the service of faceless policies.

"We're now on the threshold of a global transformation- the age of green economics" Ban Ki-Moon General Secretary of the United Nations.

The Green Economics Institute advises governments around the world and provides advise about dealing with the current crises in economics, climate and biodiversity as well as poverty and inequality. We help people future proof their economics with an eye on weathering the current economics downturn and laying the foundations of future sustainable prosperity for themselves and their family, their company or their country.

10 Key Values of Green Economics

1. To provision for the needs all people everywhere, other species, nature, the planet and its systems, all as beneficiaries of economics transactions, not as one-off inputs.

2. To reinforce an underpinning of social and environmental justice, tolerance and no prejudice and creating quality of life for everyone, including current and all future generations, and regardless of age.

3. To ensure the recognition and respect of other species' rights. To end the current mass extinction of species and ensure the survival of Earth's biodiversity.

4. To create an economic system which advances non-violence and the inclusion of all people everywhere, regardless of special needs or special ability. To ensure that all nations have equal access to power and resources on a finite planet, and that local people to have control over their own destiny and resources. To eradicate poverty, increase life expectancy, human welfare and real well-being in the least developed countries.

5. To guarantee gender equity in all activities, educating, respecting, empowering women and minorities, and ensuring that all people valued and respected equally.

6. To end high mass consumption and the current overshoot of Earth's resources, returning human civilisation to the comfortable bounds of nature in its original climatic conditions. To choose lifestyle change over techno-fixes and eco-technology, lowering individual carbon usage, living lightly on the earth.

7. Changing how economics is done: from being an abstract mathematical exercise to embracing the real world we all live in, recognizing that we are all concerned as stakeholders.

8. Climate change prevention, adaptation, mitigation. Protecting the most vulnerable from risk. Ensuring the future of small island states. Quickly reducing carbon per capita globally to 2 tonnes in the next 5 years and zero soon after. Limiting and reversing climate change. Moving to renewable energy sources.

9. Future-proofing economics to increase its suitability for the 21st century, solving the current economic downturn and widespread uncertainty. Creating and nurturing an economy based on sharing, rather than greed and profit.

10. Completely reshaping and reforming economics to do all the above.

Recent clients include

We have been training the National Government School, teaching climate change economics and giving a public lecture at Schumacher College, and attending the Royal Economics Society annual conference, we were selected to join the IPCC climate change scientists panel and also attended the conference of European Greens in Barcelona which we attended traveling on the overnight train. We are also writing various papers and books including for the Italian government and the Cambridge Journal of Economics. We have sent two issues of our academic journal to press for this year and are currently compiling two more. Recent country consultancy and lecturing has been in the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Germany and Montenegro, and Ireland as well as being invited to lecture all round the world in official events, deleguations and universities in countries spread from Abu Dhabi,Turkey, Dubai to China and Brazil and the Russian Federation. We worked in Ankara Turkey and Skopje Macedonia, as well as the UK and some via webcam and web seminar and video.

The Italian Government, The British Council, the National Government School, The Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian Ambassador, The European Greens in the European Parliament, the Hungarian Government, the UK Cabinet Office, the UK Treasury, the Schumacher College UK, the Richmond American University in the UK and the American University in Macedonia, The Irish Government, the Spanish greens, , the Young Greens, Yorkshire Forward, The Department of Transport in the UK, Chelsea Art College, the University of Bath, the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, the UK Quakers,The Government of the Netherlands, Eurac Research Centre Bolzano Italy, the International Labour Organisation, The Green Jobs Programme and many others, the National Government School, Venice International University, REC Hungary.International University, Slubice Poland and Frankfurt am Oder University Germany, The Heinrich Boell Foundation in Brussels, The National Audit Office,Rethinking Economics at The London School of Economics.

The Malaysian Government, the UK National Government School, the Tyrol Government, Ministers in Italy, The Encyclopedia Britanica in Italy, ll Libro Del' Annio Green European Foundation, the Young Greens, Thessaloniki. The International Labour Organisation, the Universities in Lancaster, Cambridge, the Oxford Union,The University of Ankara, the University of Istanbul, the European Greens, the European Green Summer University, Poland and Germany, Coutts Bank,Tekna Norway, the European Commission and the British Council, the Indonesian Embassy and Educational Attache,and many, many more.

General Information about the Green Economics Institute

The Green Economics Institute has its own delegation to the COP Conferences, Kyoto Protocol including COP 20 in Peru. We have also given two high profile radio interviews on BBC Radio Oxford. We have attended conferences in many places including Cancun Mexico and Riga, Latvia. We have also appeared on TV and radio in Italy, Tallin in Estonia, the UK and Bangladesh amongst many others, and received invitations from The Presidential office in Russia, the UK Government and several universities and governments in China. We have also been invited by governments and princes in several Gulf States as well as several parts of the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation.

Our CEO Miriam Kennet recently gave a speech in the UK House of Commons in the UK Parliament about Green Economics, and more specifically about recycling, reusing and repairing.


Green Economics is one of the fastest growing global movements for change which has been taken up by many governments and NGOs and is having a huge influence on the worldwide social and economic landscape. It seeks to reform the very concept of economics itself by creating an entirely new discipline which is designed to help all people everywhere, prevent poverty as a given assumption, consider other species, nature and the planet and its systems.

The Green Economics Institute has been spreading this message and is leading thinking in this new global transformation. We are now an international network of 30,000 people, and we aim to change the world through this revolutionary way of thinking: Green Economics. We are achieving this by running lectures, organising conferences, briefing governments, teaching and educating and of course writing and publishing our own books and journals. The 21st century has marked an incredibly new and powerful age of Global Transformation-the Age of Green Economics.See More

We trained at the Women Leaders Eventfor top civil servants on the importance of the role of women in the world economy at the National Government School. We have lectured at the Oxford University European Affairs society on gender and its importance, and have also taught the staff at GCHQ about the importance of this issue for global security. We were published in the New Scientist, in an article about the importance of gender arguing that this is the single most important issue for the future. We are also working with women around the world in many different countries to change the global economics representation. We were part of a delegation to No 11 Downing Street in the UK to speak to the chancellor and we spoke in the Treasury about Green Economics.

Enrolling trainees and Erasmus Plus Trainees and Work Experience and Publishing Trainees and all sorts of writers NOW

Democracy We think the House of Commons should be full of Common People- NOT the aristocracy

We are delighted that a commoner has become Royalty.This is a very good thing.

We urge people to vote for representation and MPs in the House of Commons, who are ordinary people like themselves and therefore who can represent their interests -NOT just a load of old Etonians and land owners and aristocrats who cant possibly understand every day worries and who think its acceptable to have food banks and homeless people sleeping in the streets all over England.

We feel very strongly that any economy that allows for people to be desperate enough for food banks is a failing economy NOT a successful one - and as a result our main office activity this year has been in the Homeless Charity Launchpad in Reading.

We urge readers to vote for change in the Government of England -in this election and to vote for social and environmental justice - NOT greed and selfishness

We are a peaceful organisation

As a non violent organisation, we utterly condem any form of violence and we sincerely wish for a speedy, non violent, peaceful outcome where no one is harmed at all.

'The pen is mightier than the sword and more enduring'. Edward Bulwer- Lytton

'I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it.' Francois Marie Arouet (Voltaire).1694-1778

permaculturehousesmm.JPG Permaculture House!

Photo of Permaculture House by Ryota Koike (GEI Japan).

This year it seems the tiny seedling we had created and nutured of "Green Economics" has come of age and is nearly 15 years old and so has entered its adolescence. Hence there are fascinating tensions between the claims for it of corporations who are wanting to use it to carry on with business as usual, and campaigners who want to use it to change the world and to solve contemporary problems- namely- runnaway climate change, population and equality and empowerment of women, minorities and people with dissabilities and special needs and inclusion, and also the problems of the 6th ever mass extinction of species, and the terrible economics downturn.

The East and Asia have also adopted a "green economics narrative" largely taking the environmental out of our " social and environmental narrative" whilst the west has adopted the social- (countries like Norway) but still kept the oil addiction and not yet really embraced the environmental bit.Most countries are still running business as usual banking and economics but all are putting a toe in the water of green economics.

Concentrated solar

Photo of Concentrated Solar by Ryota Koike (GEI Japan).

Sparrow parent and child

Photo of sparrow parent and child by Miriam Kennet (GEI).

For bookings please email

permaculturehousesmm.JPG Permaculture House!

Photo of Permaculture House by Ryota Koike (GEI Japan).

Formal Traineeships, Erasmus Plus, Study Placements/Work Experience Programmes

Academic Study Placements, Academic and Research Study Programmes, Charity Work, Work Experience & Scholars Programmes in Green Economics

APPLY NOW for 2016! Our lively, international and large range of Traineeships, Study Placements, Programmes offer a unique and life long education, career-support, providing a unique experience and career foundation.

We offer a choice of Academic and Publishing routes, or Work Experience,running events and speaking, as well as Organisational management, academic and institutional administration and hundreds of other really unique and career enhancing opportunities. We also provide our students with opportunities to meet and work with the world's leading scholars and campaigners to present academic research events, as well as writing in our books, and running events with the management team and early leadership opportunities.

We have lots of wonderful students this year from all over the world. If you would like to join them please email us to discuss it with us. Please email in the first instance and we will discuss your requirements with you and

Our students come from all around the world from different backgrounds, including economics, geography, peace studies, language, corporate social responsibility, economic policy making, technology and innovation, energy, green built environment, inclusion, access, women's studies, disability, special needs and minorities, etc.

Further information about the Programmes, Email us for details

Our activities and achievements have included

Our CEO was Notable alumna of the month

Our CEO is Notable Alumna of the month

New! Our CEO nominated as one of 100 most powerful women on the planet!

 100 women award for Miriam Kennet our CEO

 Our conference at Oxford University July 2012

Our official speaker panel at The United Nations Conference "RIO +20 Sustainable Development Summit" in RIO Brazil.

Our journals and magazines

The Institute also publishes a regular refereed academic journals including The International Journal of Green Economics in association with a large international academic journal publisher.

We are now accepting papers for Volume 10 issues 1-4 for 2016 of the International Journal of Green Economics as well as expresions of interests for guest editors and themes for an entire issue.

If you'd like to send in prospective articles please email them to as soon as possible.They need to be between 2500 and 7000 words and in word, .doc or .odt formats. No footnotes. PDf wont be accepted and all articles are double blind peer reviewed.-

We especially encourage new authors, people from minorities and less developed countries and also experienced authors and many of our writers are Professors exploring the cross over from other disciplines and also economists and practitioners at all levels. The main requirement is an open and enquiring and curious mind to innovate and to think in completely new ways.

Download Side Event Invitation to RIO +20 What is Green Economics: A Roadmap of its development June 21st 2012 at 9.00 am iat RIO Main Conference Room T8

Download Side Event. At RIO +20 we launched our Major new book series on Green Economics June 22nd 13.00 RIO Arena

Download Amended Text Output from RIO June 17th as amended by Miriam Kennet Green Economics Institute+20

Sha ZuKang Head of the RIO +20 Conference with our Handbook of Green Economics!

RIO +20: Sha Zukang Head of RIO Green Economy Conference with our Handbook of Green Economics

Amazing pictures from the RIO +20 Green Economy Conference in Brazil this week - where we had a huge team but only 2 people who travelled- the rest were local people from Brazil or came by 20 hour local bus service or delivered their talks and participated via our skype over the 2 days from the UK!A real green team who collaborated across the world

Conference in Brazil 20th - 21st June 2012

RIO +20 Conference which was all about the world discussing green economics and the green economy! Our books were used as a toolkit for the output of the conference. We are very proud of this!

Pictured above our CEO Miriam Kennet discusses the RIO +20 Conference with Dr Sha Zukang.

. Our Team

Our Team in action at the Occupy LSX demonstration outside St Paul's Cathedral

 City of London St Paul

Miriam Kennet, Our CEO, visits the London Stock Exchange Protest outside St Pauls Cathedral

We are glad to see that the eviction order has been delayed as we are seeing a global movement asking for change in economics practise and theory- and this cant be quelled by force- only by progress- green economics offers such hope and so the protesters and visitors were exceptionally keen to use and to propose green economics as a solution.

See the photos from the protest. Or see the photos tab at the top of this page where they are all displayed as well as visiting the Green IT conference.

See photos from all these activities at the photos tab at the top of this page click on Photos and - click on Our Photos.

We have been very active.

Miriam Kennet, Our CEO, visits the London Stock Exchange Protest outside St Paul's Cathedral, part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement to reform economics

Below is a slide show of our work

- protests in the City of London, visit to Green IT, working with universities, producing books, working with students and changing policies, radio interview about the protests and about green economics, winning the award for 100 most powerful women on the globe!

 Our lovely new range of books

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The video of our first Green Economics Institute training course in Berlin in 2005 which was supported by The Green European Foundation


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