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Students Placements Programmes 2016 Just launched! Apply now for 2017 Study Placements- 1, 3 or 6 months 2015
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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Our team of young Green Economists enjoying our Education Programmes and PhDs and Masters in Green Economics. Education with the Green Economics Institute.
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November 2014 News Round Up from around the Green Economics Institute

Miriam Kennet our Director has been invited by Ban Ki Moon to attend his world leaders Climate Summit today. We fully support his initiative and look forward to a real outcome of the talks and workshops.

We are today launching our own initiative to compliment his work.Our own 'Kanute Project Rolling back the tide of Climate Change' lets roll back this juggernaut- we are supposed to Homo Sapiens Sapiens surely we are not too daft to be beaten by this. Lets get things really moving- its time to change over to renewables completely- lets get on with it and stop procrastinating! Please join this exciting project- lets do for climate what we have done for economics. Lets create a global tide of change ! lets make real waves in all the oceans of the world. If you want to join this project please come to our launch conference event at Trinity College Oxford University on Saturday 29th November just a week before the COP 20 conference in Mexico where we will have our own delegation. We are currently doing a book on Renewables, how we can get them implemented everywhere. Email us if you want to take part and follow us on twitter.Green Economics@GreenEconomists to find out the latest from the projects.

Global Inequality Report October 15th 2014

Global Inequality Report

We supported the climate march last month - please ensure all readers see the excellent video which explains exactly where we are with climate change and also the science, the policy challenges and the blocking points and points us in the direction of succesful change- dont miss this - its really useful

Stop Press! 9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference was held at Oxford University 9th 10th 11th July 2014. Over 60 excellent and world class speakers! Including: Professor Graciela Chichilnisky, Dr Tony Lawson Cambridge University, Martin Koehring Editor the Economist Intelligence Unit, Professor Maria Madi, (Brazil)expert in finance,, Daniel Kenning Fellow the AMech, Energy Energy, Councillor Johnathan Essex, Dr Anusha Mahendran (Australia), Audeye Eleseye Radio Presenter, Dr Enrico Tezza International Labour Organisation (Italy), Dr Kevin Albertson Policy Criminology and Forecasting, Anissa Rachmawati Indonesia Greenpeace Forest Campaigner, Roger Martin Population Matters, Dr Grimot Nane (specialist in corruption and Nigeria), Dr Mark Levene Research in Genocide and how to avoid it, Malcolm Tory specialist in Citizens Income, Don O Neal, Dmitiris Tsouberis- Environmental Teaching, Dr Michael Taylor. Dr Indira Dutta, (Gujerat Central University India) Dr Katherine Kennet, Sarah Skinner (South Africa and UK) Professor Dzintra Astatja (Latvia), Pamela Harling, Bianca Madison, Ghizlaine Guessous (France), Dr John Rapley, (Development Studies Cambridge University.

9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference was a great sucess. The powerpoints, speeches and films of the conference will be posted here in the next few days.

Diary Date: 10th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference, 10th Anniversary Celebration. end of March 2015

The 10th Anniversary. 10th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference at Oxford University will take place at the University of Oxford, March 22nd-25th 2015. Please make a note in your diary

9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference to be held at Oxford University, 9th 10th 11th July 2014

STOP PRESS 9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference 9th 10th 11th July 2014

Conference Timetable Programme Just Released here

Unbelievable scenes of flooding in February 10th 2014 in England

Exciting Programme Highlights for 2015

Please also save the date of our main annual conference:

Green Economics Institute, 10th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference March 22nd -25th 2015

To be held at the University of Oxford in the Science and Economics Faculties

Saving Europe:Creating a Social and Environmental Ethic for the Citizens of Europe to feel a sense of belonging

We are currently Calling for Papers, Speakers and Participants and taking bookings. Open Source, all participants are welcome to apply to speak or run a workshop!

This is the Forum where we have developed The Green Economics School of Economics which has spread all over the world and influenced most of the governments of the world, over a number of years.We are creating full conference proceedings, and also a book will be produced from the conference. All participants are welcome to submit material.

Please email us at to let us know if you would like to come along. Everyone is very welcome.

9th Annual Green Economics Conference at Oxford University- in 2014

9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference at Oxford University 2014

Please also find below the extraordinary and wonderful list of speakers so far

Last years Speaker List- being updated for the forthcoming 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference 2014 held at the University of Oxford in the Science and Economics Areas

Please find below the booking form for the Conference

9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference at Oxford University July 9th 10th and 11th 2014, Booking Form

Other events in 2014

During November 2014 will we will host an event on Population and Imigation from a green perspective

During November we will host an event on Biodiversity and other species with Compassion in world farming with one event in the UK

During Spring 2015 we will host an event on Older people, green seniors and the Rocking Chair Revolution and the Vintage Generation. One event will be held in the Austrian Parliament and one in the UK.

For all of these events please email to find out more and to reserve a place.

We look forward to welcoming you to take part by coming to one of our many conferences, speaking, writing or studying with us or you can become a member of the Green Economics Institute, or a supporter. You can also invite one of our team to come and give a speech or lecture or our team to come and run a course for you which we do all around the world. You can also order our lively and wide range of books to be sent to you.

We welcome all kinds of support for our work including donations.

Contact address:

We also have a brand new catalogue of books out this month with 50 books many new this year 2014 The catalogue is full of books so it takes about 60 seconds to load but its well worth it-! Happy reading

Brand New Books Catalogue for Spring 2014

Our Books are going from strength to strength with a catalogue of over 50 books in print - on Green Subjects and on Economics !

Our 2013 conference further particulars can be found here

Conference Further Particulars

Books Catalogue

We launched our Brand New Book, The Greening of Food, Farming and Agriculture conference symposium at Trinity College, Oxford University.

Food, Farming and Agriculture- New book launched

Our new book contains recipes, from foraging, slow food, gathering from the hedgerow, gathering from the sea shore, local recipes from Nepal and round the world and gathering wild soups from the ancient forests of Norway.


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