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The Green Economics Institute- COP21 - Debrief- The Inside Story

Wednesday 23rd December 2015 Europe House, London

Climate Change COP Historic Agreement debrief from our team on the ground who helped facilitate it

In association with, The Green Economics Institute Trust. The International Journal of Green Economics- the world's first Green Academic Journal, our delegation to COP 21 Paris Climate Conference.

Introducing The COP 21Agreement-

What does mean? What do we need to do now?

Get the Inside Story from those who were there!

Transparency, legally binding, science to ensure we achieve it- operationalising the economy to support it .Come and hear from the cutting edge of how it all works and how you can get involved and help save the planet, the climate and the economy

Briefing 5pm - 8pm All welcome.

Book now

(This event must be pre booked and a place reserved for you)

History in the Making!

Paris December 2015: Don't miss this Debrief about a very important turning point and a part of history. Your grandchildren will want to know what you did for them during this important process. There is much more to do.

The accord needs to be fine tuned in Morocco in December 2016 and we need you to help advocate for that The conference was one of the most important watershed moments in human history and the opportunity to try and tame the runaway climate change which we have unwittingly unleashed. Come and join us at our Debrief event where we explain the elements of it and how it works and what is left to do.

Come and have your say and influence world events in a way which will not just impact you and your family but also future generations and your descendants as well as all the plants, animals and other species as well as the climate and the planet's systems.

Photos will be added shortly-showing Our CEO with Ban Ki Moons Climate Advisor: Photo of THAT MOMENT- South Africa's negotiators opening the Wednesday Plenary with a shock announcement- its 1.5 degrees or nothing a red line has been drawn by the negotiators! The moment it all started to come together.

This UK government has been called penny wise and pound foolish, storing up trouble for our generation as well as future generations. We cant afford the price of silence.

Come and campaign with us to implement for rapid and deep change. Climate Change is upon us, it is already affecting all of us, in many parts of Africa they are telling us they are experiencing 8 months of the year all day and all night 45 degrees of heat and its not even malaria they are worried about now - its heart attacks- no one can stand such heat.Neither can we.

The Green Economics Research Institute

We at the Green Economics Institute, played a really active part in the COP Process hosting some of the top scientific events and having Side Events, Official Delegations, Conferences, Exhibitions and Books. We Alerted Policy Makers that the public has had enough and wants change. Sensible change, future proofed change. Change to make a difference. Change to provide each and everyone of us with a benefit. A better climate.


( Registration: Please email us at If you are paid up member of The Green Economics Institute for 2015 or 2016 then its free. Just send an email. If you are not yet a member, for security reasons, please send an email request to attend and your contact details, a biography or cv.)

Our Books

If you cant come to the conference, you can still help the campaign. Buy our books. Support our Campaign. Learn how to make a difference. Make Change with our network of like minded people all around the world. Today.

The current climate change books we have produced are all available for you to read:

1. Green Economics and Climate Change By Winston Ka Ming Mak (Hong Kong and UK) and Miriam Kennet (UK) Available now ISBN. 9781907543104

2. Biomass and Algae Renewables. By Iolanda Cum ( Italy- Italian version) 9781907543892 Brand New Available Now

3. Rolling Back the Tide of Climate Change. Renewables in the USA and China By Professor Peter Yang. (USA and China)9781907543777 Brand New out now

4. Proceedings of the Conference on Climate Change held at Trinity College, University of Oxford on Friday 6th November 2015. Call for Papers.ISBN 9781907543180 Available Now

5. The Greening of Energy Policies. Ryota Kioke (Japan) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 97819077543326 Available Now

6. Second Special issue on Climate Change of our academic journal: The International Journal of Green Economics.10th Anniversary Edition. Volume 10 issue 2 2016 (The first one was 5 years ago.) ISSN 1744 9928 Out next year

7. The Green Economist Special 10th Anniversary Edition Climate Change Paris COP21.Debrief ISSN 1751 0562 Out shortly

8. Introducing Renewables. The Energy of Choice to solve the problems of the 21st Century By Iolanda Cum. ISBN 9781907546166 Brand New

9. Renewables are getting cheaper By Professor Peter Yang. (USA and China) January 2016 ISBN 9781907543722 Brand New

10. Explaining the UNFCC COP 21 Paris December 2015 and COP22 Morocco December 2016 Process Miriam Kennet and Professor Peter Yang. Out in January 2016 ( ISBN to be confirmed) All available directly from us, the publisher The Green Economics Institute Publishing House- Email us at for your special copy. Special prices 2/3rds off list prices for this Historic COP Debrief. The Green Economics Research Institute: A Global Network of Change Makers & Innovators for Social & Environmental Justice through Economic Reform

Side Event at COP21 Paris Kyoto UNFCC Climate Conference

UN Climate Change Conference December 2015 (COP 21/CMP 11)

Our Official Side Events in Paris at COP 21 December 2015

Visioning 2 Tonnes of Carbon Lifestyles, Government and Business Scenarios

How would a 2 tonnes of carbon life style be for the average person in a selection of countries using todays' technologies and tomorrows technologies? What changes would need to be made to the economy as a whole and for individuals and companies in particular?

What are the range of choices for this change to be able to be implemented?

How does this fit within the Kyoto UNFCC framework, and where could it be introduced or implemented in the process? When could it be implemented in the process? What are the challenges for government? Which countries progress maps would allow for this possibility in their current plans- which countries would find this more challenging for their economies and which might find it easier or are already on a compatible pathway?

Climate Change - The Economics of Comparative Mechanisms for slowing down or even reversing runaway climate change and engaging the Public with clearer mechanisms for climate stabilisation.

A proposal for working towards an eventual and possibly necessary 2 tonnes of carbon ration in future, for everyone on the planet in order to clarify the climate behavioural changes. How practical will this be and how necessary will this be and at what stage would this have to be implemented if things dont improve? The relationship of this idea to the aims of the Paris COP 21 Conference which are stated in the Ministers' Agreement and include: 'in a balanced manner, mitigation, adaptation, finance, capacity building, technology development and transfer, transparency of action and support; not solely focus on mitigation; provide a framework for Parties to enhance actions to limit warming to below 2 degree Celsius (now 1.5 degrees ambition but actual increase already 1 degree-so this is urgent) and enable adaptation; and include comprehensive contributions that will be nationally determined and reflect each Party's highest possible effort, in accordance with its common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities (CBDR)'.

1. Miriam Kennet MA MSc Oxon member of Mansfield College, University of Oxford and also the Environmental Change Institute Oxford, Founder of The Green Economics Institute and also Editor and Founder of The International Journal of Green Economics and The Green Economics Institute Publishing House, hosted Oxford Universitys Environmental Change Institutes Scientific Research Event at COP21 discussing methodologies for the COP and to tame the climate and how to assess how we are doing and best scientific methods available today to try to prevent a catastrophe.

2 Peter Kirby Harris Green Economist Climate and Energy Programme Convenor for Bright Blue Think Tank, London and author of a forthcoming book - 'Joining the dots - connecting Climate, Energy and Environment for a world in transition'.

3. Professor Peter Yang,(China and USA) on our delegation to COP21 Author USA and China Green Energy Policies a comparison and A Green Economics Perspective of Renewables and many other papers, articles and books.Peter Yang has a Ph.D. in German from the University of Utah and a Ph.D. in East Asia Studies from the Ruhr University Bochum. He was a research professor specializing in international economics in China, who published on its economic reform policies and strategies in the early reform years. He proposed, among other measures, the reform of the Value Added Tax (VAT) as a major step in China's economic reforms. His current teaching and research as Associate Professor at the Case Western Reserve University, USA, focus on German and Chinese Studies on Environmental and Climate Protection Policies, Sustainable Development and Transformation, Renewable Energy Promotion, and Renewable Energy Technologies.

4. Michelle S Gale de Oliveira Director The Green Economics Institute, (Brazil) Founder Gender Progress and author and editor of 100 books on Green Economics and regular COP delegate. Leader of several of our COP delegations

5 Professor Graciela Chichilnisky Columbia University and Leader of Nobel winning IPCC report will share her experiences of COP21 and what we need to achieve at COP22.

6. Oliver Rothschild who heads up a climate NGO Forum.

Our UNFCC Side Events are always packed and completely full Details of some our activities at this COP are shown below. Side Event December 2015 at Paris COP 21

Ministers and Co Host by Miriam Kennet The Green Economics Institute and ECI with Adrian Macey the former head of Kyoto Protocol with the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute (ECI) "Metrics of progress towards net zero and the two degree goal: science for a safe How would a 2 tonnes of carbon life style look? Climate" and 2TonnesCarbonLifestyle'<2> Photos from the event will be posted shortly

Speakers included

The Hon. Tim Groser (Minister of Trade, & Minister for Climate Change, New Zealand, Confirmed), Jan Fuglestvedt (CICERO, Norway), Xolisa Ngwadla Lead Negotiator and Scientist for Africa at the COP & Francois Engelbrecht (CSIR, South Africa), David Frame (Victoria U. Wellington, New Zealand), Myles Allen (U. Oxford, UK), Adrian Macey (VUW, Chair) and University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute (ECI), Joan Arthur. Green Economics Institute (GEI), Miriam Kennet, Victoria University Wellington (VUW)

Exhibition and our Hub at COP21

The Green Economics Research Institute with the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Co Hosted with the Brazilian Government and The Green Economics Institute Publishing House

Life style changes &social & environmental implications of moves towards Green Jobs & Green Economics and rolling back the tide of climate change and moving to 2tonnescarbon The Green Economics Institute is a global network of writers,c hange makers& scientists" with their application titled "The Amazon Fund stands out as a successful REDD+ instrument with donations of US$ 917m and a portfolio of US$ 545m, comprising 74 projects. Brazil has curbed deforestation, leading to a reduction of 650Mt of CO2e/year since 2005. The Amazon Fund is a key element for the continuity of this effort."


Text us for more details. 07990 590463

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