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Recommendations and praise for the work of the Institute since 2007

Many thanks for the wonderful work of Dr Katherine Kennet on The Management of the Ageing Process in the National Health Service and Miriam Kennet on The Greening of the National Health Service for Senior Health Officials from Wuhan in China and for the supply of Books on Health and Healthcare and also on Ageing. 'The Greening of Health and Healthcare' ISBN 9781907543760 & 'The Rocking Chair Revolution, the Vintage Generation'. ISBN 9781907543517.

From Councillor David Williams Oxford Excellence.

The Green Economics Institute Internships and Study Programme really is the best around, they give you loads of opportunities and its much better than all the others I have done and heard about as it really does help your cv and your experience and you get loads of support from the Green Economics Institute Team who are really kind. Jonny Ross Tatum 2014

Well done for organising a fabulous conference last week July 2014

Bianca Madison Vuleta

Musings from Southampton's finest geographical postgraduates

Green Economics Institute (GEI) Conference 2012

July 23, 2012 · by Emma Waight · in Academia, Climate Change, Conference, Human Geography, PhD

The 7th annual Green Economics Institute Conference took place in Oxford last week and I went along having been roped into presenting a paper by my cousin, and Cass Business School PhD candidate, Ben Armstrong-Haworth. Green Economics is one of the fastest growing global movements for change which has been taken up by many governments and NGOs. Although the term environmental economics has been used in academic writings since the seventies, green economics as a more holistic principle is far more recent and really owes its existence to Miriam Kennet and the GEI.

Now I would certainly never have considered myself an economist; I'm barely a geographer, but I do love a bit of ‘green' debate and I do believe there is a better way of doing things if we are to thrive in the future. Far from feeling out of my depth, as I feared I would, the conference was stimulating, positive and progressive. More than 60 international speakers from a wealth of backgrounds including academic and non-academic careers, presented over three days.

Green economics is pushing mainstream economics to become more interdisciplinary, reclaiming economics from the purely quantitative mood of measurement that it is traditionally known for. It builds on insights from environmental and ecological economics, feminist theory, welfare economics, development economics, post-structuralism and post-Keynesian ideas to produce a more holistic way of looking at development and prosperity. Presentations and workshops included ‘Textiles and Sweatshops, Taming the Corporations', ‘Global and Ethical Investment Advice', ‘Greening the Rhetoric of Economics' and ‘Renewable Energy Policies'. They even had the deputy director of the ESRC speaking about funding opportunities, proof that major research organisations are prepared to support research with a sustainable agenda.

Compared to some sustainability based conferences I have been to, the focus was more on pragmatic solutions rather than abstract philosophical calls for change. I presented my work on second-hand retail as ‘Second-hand Cultures: Trade, Economy and Environment' and had a great response from the audience. I ended up with an hour to fill, and fill it we did with helpful comment and discussion. I'm lucky in that sense that my research is something everyone can relate to and regularly attracts anecdotes - "my sister has a second-hand shop", "I make my own clothes". We are all consumers after all.

I would fully recommend attending the conference next year if you are interested in any element of sustainability and economics. Dr Emma Waight, Southampton.

I would like to say a huge thank to you for giving your amazing keynote speech on ISIC (Indonesian Scholars Association 2012.) You played a crucial role on making ISIC 2012 a resounding success. ISIC 2012 was reported on several Indonesian media.

Albert November 2012

I just wanted to get in touch quickly to thank you for joining us yesterday evening. Your presentation was thoroughly enjoyed and the discussion it generated was incredibly important.

The Scottish Parliament.December 2012

Thank you very much for the wonderful conference.I can never forget the love and affection you have given me at Oxford.You have got a wonderful team also.

With regards.

Dr Indira Dutta, India, July 2012

I am just writing in return to the excellent seminars you conducted at Anglia Ruskin University. First of all I would like to say thank you for your time, it was a very stimulating session, one which has really stood out for me as one of the most thought-provoking whilst completing my degree. I really enjoyed hearing the point of view and i am coherent with the values and ideas within the green economic school of thought.November 2011

Hi Miriam, You are such a leader and so much in Fritz Schumacher's tradition. He would have loved you , as I do ! My wonderful colleague, Miriam Kennet, founder of the Green Economics Institute at Oxford. Hazel Henderson USA

The 6th ever Green Economics Institute Conference at Oxford University- the best ever ! everyone enjoyed it and the feedback forms all received ticked the " outstanding " choice - well done to all the team !y 2011 Jul> Many thanks for the conference 6th ever green economics conference at Oxford University. It was the best one ever. Many thanks

Congratulations on the conference- It was wonderful! Professor of Economics from Latvia August 2011

I officially want to congratulate you on the outstanding conference. The International Labour Organisation.

PS Congratulations on the conference - it always generates such good energy Dr of Zooology at Oxford University.

I really enjoyed this weekend. It opened my eyes again to something I have been missing whilst immersed in my PhD and reminded me where I'd really like to be heading with my life.

The conference was great and went more smoothly than ever, I think. Well done!

A quote from Triodos Bank about the Journal:-

"An increasingly influential movement of thinkers and doers are taking steps to harness a more progressive approach to economics. The need for change from a system that benefits the few at the expense of the many is clear, but if this community of interest is to deliver real and lasting change it will need to bring together the energies of a disparate group. The International Journal of Green Economics provides a welcome opportunity to help do just that." Gavin Smith, Head of Business Banking, Triodos Bank.

A quote from Johnathon Porrit about our Academic Journal:-

"An academic journal of the highest standards of research dealing with the reform of the dominant neo-liberal paradigm of economics and today's "business as usual" scenario is a very helpful step in solving the problems of the future, both environmental and social. This journal will provide a forum for such debate to inform academics, activists, campaigners, reformers and workers in the field of social and environmental change." I met some lovely people and also so enjoyed being with everyone ! July 2011

I am so pleased to attend the Women's conference in Reading May 20th 2011. The conference will remain in my mind as a beautiful memory.

I would like to thank all your efforts for the organisation.

I hope we have the chance to meet in another conference.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the event in May 2011. Kim and Charlotte Bailey

Professor Seldağ Güneş Ceylan, Economics and Social Policy Turkey.

"I really enjoyed the womens conference in May 2011 at Reading International Solidarity Centre, it was the best one ever and extremely well organised and very useful and informative." Vincent Senior Engineer, Nigeria and UK. I just wanted to say that I thought your website is quite brilliant! The work and the message you give is inspiring and so vital!You seem to have such a warmth and energy that comes across. You have such an important message to put across to the world and you clearly have the experience, passion and skills to do this. Astrid Longhurst TV Programme Maker

The women and gender and equality conference in May 2011 was the best ever - I really enjoyed it- Vincent. Nigeria

A very useful conference symposium indeed - very valuable- Feedback forms comments for the womens conference in Reading May 2011. Absolutely lovely day, from an activist in womens equality!

January 2011 The Green Built Environment Conference Oxford University Club,Oxford University.

The conference was encouraging, inclusive, well balanced with men and women and old and young! and Id like to stay involved.

I found the conference very valuable. I was especially impressed that it was so well organised - the booklet of papers was particularly appreciated. Thank you Blue Sky Limited.January 2011

I enjoyed most about the conference was learning from others who shared values similar to myself

I enjoyed learning about subjects new to me such as planning and policy and meeting people who share interests concerns and values, as a result I will be rethinking the direction of my research and career.

The conference reassured our Direction of travel and planning is the right thing to do.

Your report back from COP 16 Cancun Mexico Kyoto Climate Conference was very relevant, well presented and clear and very interesting.

The conference has galvanised me into scrutinizing the Councils environmental achievements and planning policy.A Councillor.

The The best thing about the conference was the stimulating young people who are right on the button about these issues. Why did this matter? Because I was in danger of getting cynical.The conference offered potentially leading edge discussions.

Thank you for this day, I had really wonderful day! That lecture was amaizing and I am still excited about the library I have visited - it was great.

Congrats and thanks for such an excellent conference, I just don't know how you do it. While I agree about the need to develop, I wouldn't underplay the value of the present activities. I looked down the table at the dinner and thought we were just like a big family - and several people agreed with me. That kind of atmosphere and relationships is worthwhile. The way it is now is an expression of green economic values. July 2010

My personal thanks, too, for such a great time - I enjoyed myself enormously. Even physically tired as I am, I am brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm and can't wait to get started. I want to thank you for the opportunity that I could participate at your conference. It has been very inspiring to me and I got to know a lot of clever and funny mainstream challenging people. The interns have really great topics they deal with!

The program is stunning, so diverse and provocative. I am very proud to be part of it--will pay close attention and tailor my presentation to the end, referring to the other presentations whenever possible and raising, what I hope will be provocative questions that maybe some might like to pursue in the final session. Harvard Professor about the July 2010 Oxford University Green Economics Institute Annual Conference

I just wanted to say thank you for the Green Economics Institute special conference on climate change policies, Preparing for Copenhagen COP 15 on November 2009 at the Oxford University Club, Oxford University last week: it was absolutely fantastic and had such an interesting dynamic I really really enjoyed it.

Dear Miriam, I would like to thank you for coming to the Conference at the University in Leuven, Belgium by train during the chaos of the volcanic eruption and for your presentation during the workshop on critical realism and biographical research methodology. Both your presentation and your comments introduced an important dimension to our discussions, the dimension which is still often missing in the analysis of social dialogue, namely the issue of how to combine social, economic and environmental objectives. I hope this can be developed further in our future cooperation! Dr Adam Mrozowicki, Institute of Sociology,University of Wroclaw Poland.April 2010

I also wanted to wish you all good luck in Copenhagen , I am very hopeful of an outcome that the world will benefit from!

All the best,

Kate Campbell December 2009

A huge thank you to you, Paul, Volker and the rest of your team for such an inspirational and enjoyable conference and weekend.

Dear Michelle, It was great meeting You I enjoyed Your very interesting lecture at the University in Skopje Macedonia and hope will have an opportunity to present at such an event again.Igor Petrusevski November 2009

Thank you again for the opportunity to speak at the conference on Saturday. This proved most useful; you managed to convene a wonderful audience, congratulations! I look forward to participating in discussions in the future.

Nicolas Bertrand Nicolas

Economic Affairs Officer at United Nations Environment Programme Geneva

I believe this year's GEI Annual conference was a roaring success and you & all others involved should be duely congratulated & proud of your efforts. Needless to say, I'm happy I was able to attend and appreciated having the opportunity to contribute and present at the event.Dr Anusha Mahendran Institute of Labour Market Policy, New South Wales Australia August 2009.

Many thanks, and congratulations on organising a very successful conference August 2009

Best wishes,

Peter Burt Nuclear Information Service Reading Berkshire

I really had a good time at the conference - apart from the presentations, just meeting quite a diverse bunch of people with similar interests was wonderful!Professor Wolfgang Hoerschele USA

All the best, Wolfgang Hi Miriam

May i on behalf of Green Economics Nigeria congratulate you and Volker and indeed

all the staff and management of Green Economics Institute U.K on the remendous success recorded at this years Annual Conference.

Green Economics Nigeria was represented at the conference and we are trying to lay a strong foundation here in Nigeria and indeed Africa. I do hope that when you will visit Nigeria and indeed Africa you will be amazed at our advocacy drive towards promoting a low carbon,resource-efficient economy.

Once again congratulations and keep me posted of the Institutes time table and the retreat as well.Dr Chidi Magnus Onahua Green Economics Institute Nigeria

Dear Green Economics Institute

Many thanks for an excellent conference.

Many thanks Rosamond Stock LSE

Dear Miriam, Volker and the rest of the team,

The conference was wonderful

Besmir Geziqui August 2009 Albania

"La conferencia de Green Economics ha sido un espacio de diálogo caracterizado por la calidez y amplitud de miras del grupo humano.

Este elemento es fundamental a la hora de construir redes de trabajo de cara a compartir y discutir temas de interés común como lo es la economía verde. "Daniel Coq and Sandra Nunez August 2009

Thanks for a lovely conference. I have never felt such an intense positive energy floating in the air. The minute the event took off I knew that was it - this was the group, the people and the topics that I identify with. Although coming from far away, I felt actually like coming home - really blending with the rest of the participants which were from as many as 19 countries as we counted then J.Maybe it is the variety of people, the mixture of cultures and ideas that contributes to the uniqueness of the event. It was an enormous honor to address the main panel and have the presentations at the panel sessions and imagine all that in one of the oldest colleges in Oxford. That is something unforgettable for me.

I would like to finish with a famous quote from a more famous movie for the most famous people I have met - "Well, Louis I believe this is a beginning of a wonderful friendship".

Daniela Kostadinova Petrovic

GTZ German Technical Cooperation

p.s. Info for the young folks - that's Casablanca's movie last line.

Hello Miriam, Volker, Interns and my new friends,

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your conference. I had a wonderful time and got to meet some fantastic people. Its clear from the number of questions I had that the link between Green and technology is upmost in people's minds. So let's keep the interaction going and let me know how I can further support you.

Kindest Regards


PS. People said such wonderful things about it - I think the Green Economics Institute brand is going to go far

Thank you all for making the gathering a great success.Nigel Miles August 2009

Dear Miriam,

I am writing to you to thank you and your team at the Green Economics Institute for organising such an inspiring event. Not only was the event very highly informative, providing insight into the way the environmental perspective is developing, but it was also very supportive, providing me with encouragement to continue with my own research into green economics. The event brought together not only people who have important roles in finance, energy and IT, but also new entrepreneurs, academics (known and unknown) and admirably humble people, who keep us connected with the practical. From economics to ecology, psychology to gardening, engineering to finance, the conference covered it all. I am certainly intending to come next year! Marek Zeremba Pike

It was lovely to meet you both on Friday and Saturday and real pleasure to be involved with your highly relevant and worthwhile event.

I am a real believer in what you are doing. I made some very good contacts at the event, and I learned a great deal. (.from ..)... your amazing and important institution. Steve P.

Hi Miriam It was lovely to meet you on Saturday. I so enjoyed the day and was very impressed and the inclusive nature of it all and how well that worked. it was very interesting and exciting.Dr Jean Bolton August 2009 UK

Dear Mrs. Kennet, Hope you are going well.

I've just arrive in Albania now.

It was a great pleasure and great honor for me being there and, meeting such kind persons as you are. I really enjoyed the conference, all were so kind and polite.

Oxford and Mansfield College was a dream for me.

I have to thank you from the heart, for your invitation.

You are welcomed in Albania. Hope one day i will be one of students whom can learn more from you.Besmir Geziqi

At each meeting with you and the Institute I always feel the most amazing uplift and a growing confidence about the future, not to mention the delight at the opportunity to be part of it. A huge thank you. Martin B.August 2009

It is amazing what you have achieved since that first meeting back in Reading; I haven't been for about two years. Yes, I enjoyed it, and I hope you can keep the wonderful blend of academic respectability with more oddball contributions.Brian Heatley

Each time I seem to grow a little, to learn a bit more about myself, not to mention my very beautiful and special wife.

A huge thank you. Martin B.August 2009

Thank you for your hospitality during the 4th annual Green Economics Institute Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the conference. Extend my warn regards to all your team members, Mrs. Njoku Ifeoma Fidelia, Nigeria

Congrats on a great Conference. Went really well and lots of good people there! Professor Jack Reardon Economics, Hamline University USA. August 2009

Congratulations on another successful conference. We were enthused by it, and liked the conference and especially your talk late afternoon Saturday. VA August 2009.

I also found "Green Economics - Setting the scene" (International Journal of Green Economics, Published by Inderscience, M.Kennet and V.Heinemann ) absolutely wonderful: it felt as if all my activist-philosophy dreams were coming true in one go! O.B. July 2009

I really thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Green Economics course run by the Green Economics Institute, in Reading Berkshire on Saturday May 16th 2009. And found the topic areas prevalent and stimulating and more engaging than I had expected/hoped for! I hope you'll be interested to know I spent Sunday lunchtime with friends (who are "normal" economists), discussing the game theory and discount ratios! Many thanks,Kate

Prince Charles has also thanked us in September 2008 for the work in our journal and the article by Miriam Kennet and Volker Heinemann Vol 1 issue 1 /2 2006 Inderscience - International Journal of Green Economics.Kennet M., and Heinemann V., (2006) Green Economics Setting the Scene.

Dear Miriam,

The Empowering people, womens poverty and unequal pay conference was brilliant, I didnt want it to end and look forward to the next.

Sophie Christopher- Bowes Dip, RETA, A.M BESA, P.C. Assoc. UK, A.M. T.C.P.A, City & Guilds, Cert ED,

Eco Architecture Planning & Permaculture Design Consultants

It was a terrific presentation, and it told me more and showed me more than I had seen previously. Images of people in action and a nice powerpoint go a long way with me. Keep up the excellent work. You are an inspiration to us all and in these troubled times we need all the heroes we can get.Best wishes,Graeme, Green Accounting Specialist.

One of the best students of our Department, has recently attended the training organized by you and held in Berlin from 12 to16, December. She was very impressed and found the training very informative and effective. Let me thank you, and congratulate with the big success of the training course.Head of Economics in Armenia 2009

Compliment first published in Swedish by a participant in our Berlin training Yvla:

Financial crises and climate change? Climate crisis and financial change!

The negative part is that today's economic system is running us down to the bottom. The positive part is that we got the solutions everyone is searching for. At least if Miriam Kennet is right.

"What is economy?" Miriam Kennet asks rhetorically. "Is it this?" she says and shows a picture of a older gentleman wearing a dress suit, a bowler hat and a walking stick. "Or is it this?". Now she shows a photo of two African women collecting water from a well.

"The word economy means household management", Miriam continues. "But when we speak about economy it's not about family or the environment, it's rather about businesses. We talk about supply and demand but not about meeting needs. Economists are sitting in their offices calculating on their mathematical theories and figures everything is ok. Look around! Children are starving! There is a biological mass distinction going on! Everything is not ok! According to main stream economics the human, or "economic man" as we're called, is a rational man who is constantly calculating how to reach maximal, egoistic gain. What kind of human being is that? It's a psychopath! What we need is an economy built on the real world!"

These are words from the woman who founded the Green Economics Institute and the International Journal of Green Economics. In the 80thies when she as a young, green activist was campaigning for the party she realised that politics is all about economy. She decided to take one exam in environmental studies and one in economics. When she was going to take her PhD and chose the subject Green Economy it was difficult to find a supervisor since the subject didn't exist before. Finally she got a supervisor who was a political scientist.

Today she travels around the world teaching. Partly at universities, such as Brussels, London, Oxford and Cambridge. And partly teaching bureaucrats and politicians in the EU, UN and the UK government and treasury. She has also recently started a co-operation with the Federation of Young European Greens to teach there activists about economics. The magazine you are reading meet her at such a training.

"The world is longing for Green Economy. The UN, Barosso, well everybody wants the knowledge we possess. So we have to take the opportunity and not let others define what Green Economics is. My goal is to make Green Economics populist. At the same time the word "green" has to have a strict interpretation." Miriam is referring to some companies intention to "green wash" there image and declare that there doing Green Economics without actually solving any problems.

"Companies have got a lot to win by listening to us and really understand what Green Economics is all about. Look at Volvo, they wouldn't be in this difficult position today if they would have listened to the environmental movement instead of committing themselves to these oil eating SUVs."

What Green Economy really means is not yet a finished concept but something we must work on together according to Miriam. She does not believe in the idea of "one size fits all". She thinks that Green Economy should be a broad, diversified approach that looks at the complex reality and tries to find solutions to existing problems. Some of the key words are looong term, product chain analysis and the device Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Repair.

"Don't trust economic experts and professors. They are lost in there theoretical world. Listen to yourself! What the economy needs is more common sense. So go to your parliament and bank and tell them. They are completely lost because they don't understand this financial crisis. They want all the advice they can get. I'm sure they will listen to you". That's what Miriam Kennet believes. A woman who inspires, engages and creates optimism.

By: Ylva Lundkvist Sweden 2009

I first learned of the Green Economic Institute in Frankfurt/Oder & Slubice @ the Green Summer University at the end of August. I immediately fell in love with the logic for social re-organisation which the Green Economy can offer. Hence it is my aim to implement such quantifiable logic as part of the Irish Governance of contemporary Social Economic Order.Niamh Beirne Ireland 2009

Thank you for the retreat in October, which I absolutely loved. It was fun, nourishing and the discussions hit the nail on the head of exactly what we need to survive this bizarre age we live in. Dr Sacha Norris Biodiversity Specialist,author and former BBC announcer. 2009

Young and Senior European Greens training workshop together in the heart of Berlin December 2008- feedback included : Comments from the participants included-

I got alot of motivation from the workshop, and :Thank you all for this excellent seminar, xxx participant from Austria

Generally very good from xxx participant from Czech Republic,

It was a nice atmosphere and lots of useful information, xxx from Sweden,

Very interesting excellent atmosphere and encouraged me to speak and explain my ideas- xxx from Belgium,

We need more like this - Spreading the idea of a green economy is necessary for improving awareness about the importance of ecology, I really liked it , a flow of information and experiences, xxx participant from Macedonia

It was fantastic, xxx from Armenia,I did enjoy it alot - xxx participant from Scotland.

Verrrry Good, I really enjoyed it. Amazing course and I would like to have one specially for senior greens! Congratulations,I was really surprised of the enthusiasm, and the knowledge of all these sympathetic Young Greensm - Go on - ! on more of these ! xxxx a participant from Belgium

Hi Miriam, Thanks a lot for al the hard work. You're someone with heart and mind on the right place, we need more people like you! Best regards, xxxx participant from Belgium.

Congrats on your speaking engagements. I am very proud of you and the Institute! As I said earlier I found an intellectual home. You should also be proud of the Institute.

My intellectual development since I met you has produced this new book and new Journal. Probably more than anyone else you have had the most influence on my accomplishments. The book and Journal owes much to you!  Professor Jack Reardon USA,Professor of Economics USA. November 2008

Just to say a great event this year, as last - so glad I stumbled across your website last year! A plethora of fantastic sessions and speakers, and excellent networking - def the one event I would move mountains to attend in the year. As I said to Miriam - a veritable sweetshop for the green intellect! So fantastic to be amongst so many able, diverse, articulate, passionate and like-minded people with the rigour of excellent research and evidence behind them - makes it so much easier to make our case back on the ground. Thank you! Manda Brookman Director,CoaST: Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project 2008 July

Our recent speech at eWorld Purchasing & Supply, September 2008 at the New Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, London received excellent delegates' feedback, it was a very successful event with 92% of delegates rating the event as very good or excellent.Johnathan Essex delivered a speech from a joint text written with Miriam Kennet. We are delighted our material on Green Procurement and the Sustainable Supply Chain was so well received at a purchasing professionals event. EWorld Purchasing Team 2008

I've seen several references to your economic review of biodiversity in the BBC News web pages, especially in relation to the recent conservation conference in Barcelona. Well done! Hope it goes well - as with your many other projects! ECI should be very proud of you. Best wishes, Clive Hambler, Tutor, Oxford University, Environmental Change Institute: October 2008

How I wish I was still in England and able to come along to the Glastonbury event - it sounds brilliant! The Oxford conference was a great success in my view and I enjoyed the other speakers I had the opportunity to hear very much. David L. Page, Green Purchasing and Supply Expert, Australia 2008

I would suggest firstly that you use the potential dim light dawning in some people's minds and the dawning realisation that perhaps the markets will not fix everything, to investigate ways in which economic models can encourage pro-environmental and sustainable behaviour, rather than do precisely the opposite. A good contact for new thinking in what is sometimes referred to as "green economics" is Miriam Kennet, of the Green Economics Institute, working out of Oxford University . Their annual conference is small, highly informed and utterly compelling - try Miriam on - their thinking is a breath of fresh air and breaking new ground at an astonishing rate. Manda Brookman Email October 2008

hello, loved the conference - you are a rock star ! Dr Sacha Norris, Conservationist and former Television presenter

Great conference last week, and lots of contacts.Ian Chambers, Director, Orange Sales Projects

Dear Miriam, I enjoyed meeting you at the conference last week and have now had some time to digest the proceedings of the conference. It was a truly fascinating conference. I hope that we have an opportunity to remain in touch. If at any stage you would like to know more about work being done by Greenpeace please don't hesitate to get in touch.Robert De Bryn Greenpeace International.July 2008

It was a pleasure to present to and meet with your gathering - and being at Oxford was a pleasant bonus for me ! Your Green Economics Institute seems to have many parallels to our own GIST. Pavan Sukhdev, Managing Director Deutsche Bank, India, and Leader of TEEB Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystems.

Hi Miriam Congratulations on organising such a fantastic conference -- Do keep me posted on any new events or developments,best wishes,Elaine Brooks,Gaia Partnership July 2008

Very much enjoyed the conference on Friday, a busy day but so much to listen to, many lovely people to meet and huge amounts to return home thinking about - I hope Saturday was just as successful!Kind regards,Rachel Curzon, Lecturer in Stakeholder Theory and Stakeholder Engagement, University of Birmingham July 2008

I would just like to thank you for putting on such an excellent conference, and I look forward to future discussions! Daniel W. O'Neill, Director of European Operations, Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy,

You should pat yourself on the back for the hard work you have done the past few years. Congratulations! Take a look where we were three years ago and where we are today. You have a lot to be proud of!! I am extremely glad to be part of Green Economics; I relish my role and hope I continue to contribute whatever is needed. Cheers! Professor Jack Reardon Physicist and Economist, USA. July 2008

Just wanted to say thanks for organising another great conference and good to see The Green Economics Institute moving forward Johnathan Essex Campaigner and Sustainability specialist, Bio regional company and Civil Engineer, Durham University.

"Congratulations on a really wonderful conference, I went to three conferences this month and this was the one that really spoke to me," Dr Jeff Turk PHD Physics Yale- and European Economics,University of Sussex, based Slovenia and Brussels.

"Kudos again on a fantastic conference. For me, what makes a conference great is the people, and you really assembled a fine crew. BTW, it surprised me greatly to learn you had students - you looked like one yourself. Yet you've a hubby and kid!" Jeffrey Smith July 2008

"Your conferences are like an intellectual sweet shop!" Manda Brookman COAST Cornwall Action for Sustainable Tourism July 2008

" I really enjoyed your inspiring and cheering talk on Monday." Heather Rainbow, Chair person Hampshire Organic Gardening Group, HOGG is a member of Soil Association and Garden Organic, November 2007

" thanx for the training course at Oxford on November 10th 2007, it was a fruitful exchange of non-mainstream economic thinking, and it was very well organised, " Kurt Meyer Economist and academic author with the Policy Development and education Institute of the Austrian Greens in the Austrian Parliament.

"The training day Oxford University, November 2007, was a totally brilliant, totally excellent day, I am still buzzing from it. I think a lot of diverse themes in green economics are gelling and becoming more cohesive." Rose Bridger specialist in food supply chains and Freight equity.

Professor Peter Soderbaum (2008 ) forthcoming states that the people behind the Green Economics Instittue are an exemplary example of pluralist working

Professor Tony Lawson (2007) sugests that the Green Economics Institute is taking a lead in changing mainstream economics practice,methodology and ontology by example

. Professor Jack Reardon (2007) suggests that the Green Economics Institute have suceeded in creating a new discipline within economics

. Issayane Naicker (2008) forthcoming, suggests that the methodology proposed by Green Economics may just be what Africa needs

. I (2006) recently attended a really stimulating and challenging weekend 'retreat' on Green Economics. It was held at EarthSpirit, Compton Dundon in Somerset, near Glastonbury. This Centre consists of converted farm buildings in beautiful countryside. There were about 60 participants, including around 20 speakers or facilitators.

"It was a very exciting day - so full of stimulating ideas and new horizons. It was wonderful to be in a group people of such varied ages and backgrounds but all so vibrant, committed and involved. Very heartening. Your Institute has clearly resonated with people's deep need for a real sense of purpose, which they have found lacking elsewhere." A particpants letter thanking us for the training day March 2007 at Oxford University

The National Audit office sent its members to our Green Economics Training Day on March 10th 2007. They provided the following feedback:- I'd like to express my thanks to you and your colleagues at the GEI for what was a stimulating and enjoyable workshop on 10 March. We are very glad that we went along, and would be interested in future GEI events.

March 2007

So many of us have been desperate for a new economics that puts people and planet first. We were therefore really thrilled to discover the recently formed Green Economics Institute which is gaining in authority and getting support from many mainstream economists. Theyare operating under the aegis of Mansfield College Oxford.

The Institute is seeking a new paradigm to provide a credible alternative to the neo-liberal economics which is killing the planet and undermining the heart and soul of its people. One of the Institue's basic principles if the participation of all stakeholders, not just the academics. I recently went to a Training Workshop in Oxford which they ran for anyone interested. It was one of the most life-enhancing experiences I have had for a long time. They are running a 2 Day Green Economics Conference on 2nd and 3rd of April at Mansfield College Oxford. If you are interested email Miriam Kennet(one of the Directors of the Institute) at :

Good luck. Regards Jill Gant

"An academic journal of the highest standards of research dealing with the reform of the dominant neo-liberal paradigm of economics and today's "business as usual" scenario is a very helpful step in solving the problems of the future, both environmental and social. This journal will provide a forum for such debate to inform academics, activists, campaigners, reformers and workers in the field of social and environmental change."Johnathan Porrit UK environmental campaigner

. Compliments about the Green Economics Retreat and Economics well being conference February 2006

I think you're doing really well getting all these people together and green economics needs to become a real discipline in its own right to which the GEI is contributing greatly. Xxx

Dear Miriam just to say what a lovely and very interesting week end it was Amazing to learn about money. There is always so much that is new to me at your meetings I do hope all future work of the Institute is as successful as the Weekend Xxx PhD FRSA, Professor of Childhood Studies, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London, 18 Woburn Square, London WC1H ONR

Dear Miriam -- just to thank you for organising the conference in such an inclusive and loving way -- the result was a real feeling of connectedness and hope. Good luck with your future projects and hope to meet again similarly Dr xx MD MRCP FRCPsych UKCP Consultant Psychiatrist/psychotherapist Devon NHS Partnership Trust Professor of Psychological Therapies, University of Exeter, and Psychoanalysis Unit, University College London.

Firstly to say a big congratulations. you put so much effort and energy into the retreat and I thought it was wonderful. You spend a lot of time reminding other people of their gifts - please please take a few moments to reflect on what you just gave birth to at the weekend......THAT'S gifted......did you get that or do i need to repeat it? and by the you know that putting forward a point in front of 50(?) people was BIG for me .....particularly without going red......and YOU enabled me to do it. xxxxxDance Movement Therapist

First of all many thanks for organising a wonderful conference over the weekend. It was a real pleasure to meet you too. Secondly, I would be delighted to be involved in the group, the conference and the journal issue. So count me in! Exeter University Philosopher

Hi Miriam and co, Thank you for putting it together and for all your work and enthusiasm which I was impressed by. The world needs your energy and ideas. I enjoyed William's session the most. For me it was stimulating and provocative of thought and feeling. When I answered his questions with a partner I went very quickly to an understanding and strong sense of how all the money I have been given in my life was a kind of gift. As well as receiving all that, I also have given, through my energy and efforts, and money is a symbol for all that exchange. A symbol that easily obscures a deeper reality that this is giving and receiving and in fact, at its heart, a form of love. This was a good realisation and I thank you. I would like to thank him too. I am a psychologist by profession, and I view the world through that lens much of the time. xxxx" Psycologist

"This is a marvellous article" from a Professor (2006) describing our editorial of the International Journal of Green Economics.

"This is a wonderful piece of writing,"(2007) from a reviewer describing one of our conference papers."

"I have at last found my intellectual home" (2006) from an economics Professor of note in the US on attending his first Green Economics Institute conference.

Hi Miriam thanks for arranging the conference. Maya and I enjoyed it very much and met some interesting people (some who live rather close to home). Best wishes Xxxx and xxxx Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Miriam Kennet May 2011

The April 2007 Annual Green Economics Institute Conference at Oxford University was excellent - every session I went to was brilliant far better than most conferences I attend. From a Professor of social theory and education at the University of London


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