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This article from the Stop Climate Chaos Site





People all around the world joined to demand that world leaders take the urgent action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate. The National Demo in London will be one of many demonstrations on climate taking place all around the world on the same day ( see here ), midway through the UN Climate Talks in Bali. Speakers include Chris Huhne MP, Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP and George Monbiot.

: to save the planet and billions of people on it - from the horrific tide of death and destruction that will come from the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate. But there are two main things we're pushing at the demo, which are reflected on the route we've chosen for the march.

We start at Millbank near the House of Commons and march past No 10 where we will deliver a letter. The focus here is on the UK government passing a strong Climate Bill. This will establish in legislation a cap for the whole of the UK's emissions - so its not like so many other climate initiatives - very good in themselves but at risk of being cancelled out by an increase associated with another sector of the economy. Also we cannot make meaningful reductions by our own individual efforts alone - these efforts will be wasted unless they are part of an overall plan coordinated by government. These are some of the reasons why we feel a strong climate Bill is so important !

We finish at the US embassy. Clearly whatever we achieve in the UK will be no use in solving this global problem except insofar as it encourages other nations to act and gives a stronger hand to those working to achieve a global agreement that will establish a cap on the global total of emissions. That is why our 'National climate March' is part of a Global Day of Action with demonstrations and events in more than 50 contries demanding real action on climate from world leaders at the UN Climate Talks in Bali. But the biggest block on progress at those UN Talks is still, as it has been for a decade or more, the United States. In particular the Bush administration has both rejected Kyoto (in 20001) and cynicaly manouevered to sabotage progress at the UN Climate Talks. It still refuses to accept binding targets (the only basis for a meaningful treaty) in a post Kyoto agreement and demands action, first, from China and India despite the fact that these countries emit far less per person, are much poorer with fewer resources to take the necessary action and do not have a historical reponsibility for much the greater part of the greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere.

Most recently Bush has tried to derail progress on climate at the Washington Climate Conference on the 27th-28th September (see more, eg, here). This was a transparent attempt to divert the world down a blind ally of 'voluntary measures' and 'intensity targets' and thereby pre-empt and derail real progress on absolute and binding targets (the only thing that can really work) at the official UN Talks in Bali. This comes after he forced the final communique at the G8 in Heilegendam in June to abandon any firm emission reduction commitments. Bush has been forced to change his language on climate but continues to be the major obstacle to progress. He may be on the way out but he is still doing damage and the cost of the delay he is imposing could ultimately be measured in millions of lives. That is why our march finishes at the US embassy with a massive demonstration to show that we will not just stand by and allow Bush - or anyone else - to wreck the global effort to save billions of lives from climate catastrophe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Past Events -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- National Campaign Planning Meeting for December 8th demo and CCC AGM, October 6th The meeting in the Old Library at St Marys Chuch, Oxford, saw a well-filled venue and featured addresses from Mark Lynas (at the beginning) and George Marshall (to wind up). There was some lively discussion and very positive brainstorming sessions when we split into groups to discuss outreach to various sectors and some 'projects' to build for the 8th December demo. The new, more formalised, Constitution was also accepted (see here ) and a new Steering Committee elected. Now its full steam ahead to the big day on the 8th ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mammoth Christian Aid 'Cut the Carbon' March, having started in Belfast (14th July) and progressed via Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol etc ..finally culminated in a grand finale in London (2nd October). Some 2,000 marchers joined for the last leg from London Bridge to St Paul's cathedral where there was a rally and service. See more here . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 'Camp for Climate Action' at Heathrow Airport, August 14th-21st, has been a huge success, highlighting how out of touch government policy on aviation is with the reality of the climate threat: see more here . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demonstrations for a CLIMATE BILL that really works Saturday June 30th, in Manchester, London and Sheffield 'Climate Carnival' in Manchester. On the first weekend of his premiership Gordon Brown was greeted with a demand to make Climate Change his priority and for a climate Bill that would be really effective. There were demonstrations in Manchester and in Parliament Square, London, demanding that the climate Bill have annual targets so that there could be no 'buck-passing' from one government to another and a target of at least 80% (rather than 60%) emissions reductions by 2050 - in line with the latest (rather than outdated) science. In Manchester Over 200 people braved torrential rain to attend Manchester's first Carnival against Climate Change. Speakers included Derek Wall (Male Principal Speaker of the Green Party,) Cllr Neil Swannick (Lead Councillor for the Environment, Manchester City Council,) Elaine Graham-Leigh (Environment Spokesperson for Respect) as well as Sage Smith and Kevin Maw from School Students against Climate Change. A large contingent of Congolese refugees joined the carnival in order to draw attention to the role of Western corporations in destroying the rainforest in the Congo - rainforest destruction being one of the major contributory factors towards climate change. See pictures here . In London Colin Challen MP addressed a gathering in Parliament square. This was after a mock "coronation" of Gordon Brown in which he inherited the Blair 'legacy' of a rise in UK CO2 emissions of 2%. Colin Challen was joined by Aubrey Meyer, of the Global Commons Institute, and both insisted that 'Contraction and Convergence' (a global framework for reducing emissions in an equitable way) should get a mention in the Bill. Also speaking were Phil Thornhill for the CCC emphasising the importance of annual, effectively reviewable and enforceable, targets and Lucy Wills, in mermaid costume, to remind us that the disastrous floods we were seeing now could just be the beginning......we'd all be joining the mermaids underwater soon unless we get our act together on climate change fast. In Sheffield 40 cyclists braved the rain, cycling round Sheffield city centre, some in wetsuits, some as clowns, and with banners and a wind turbine drawing attention to the urgency of addressing climate change. The cyclecade was organised by Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change, launching a petition calling on Sheffield City Council to implement a Carbon Reduction Plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions across the whole city by at least 6% a year. Speakers, who included Green Councillor Bernard Little, Maxine Bowler from Respect, Liddy Goyder from Friends of the Earth and Richard Spooner from Christian Aid, all emphasised the urgency of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to stop the worst effects of climate change both for Sheffield and the world. They called for practical measures such as integrated and affordable public transport and home insulation. Many passers-by signed the petition which will be presented to Sheffield City Council in October. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December 8th Global Climate Demo is endorsed by the Alternative Summit at the G8 Klaus Mielke of 'Germanwatch', speaking for the new German coalition on climate change - the "Klima-Allianz" - at the Climate Change plenary session, urged the audience to join the December 8th global climate demonstrations(see ). The same message came from the "Climate Forum", organised by the BUND (German Friends of the Earth), the Global climate Campaign and Practical Action, a few days earlier. Finally at a workshop organised by the Global Climate Campaign and others activists began to make concrete plans to build for the demonstrations. Meanwhile at the big Saturday demonstration, and others, thousands demonstrated for action on climate, while thousands of leaflets for the December 8th demos were given out. Germany and all Europe is now gearing up for mass action on climate on December 8th ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE CONFERENCE Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th At the London School of Economics, Houghton Streeet, London WC2 Organised in partnership by the Campaign against Climate Change, the London School of Economics and LSE's Centre for Environmental Policy and Governance. The Conference was a great success - providing an amazing range of high quality seminars and workshops for those attending. A broad range of views, and differing political perspectives was provided at the Saturday Plenary whilst the International Plenary on the Sunday ( a new departure since last year's Conference), with its line up of 12 fantastic speakers from all around the globe - was a real treat, a unique eye-opener of an experience not to be missed : you simply could not come away from it without having a different and much deeper perspective on what climate change really means for people all round the world. The Saturday Planary : Mark Lynas speaking, Norman Baker MP, Cllr Rania Khan, Jean lambert MEP, Isa Fremuaux, George Marshall, Agnes de Rooij, Phil Thornhill, l to r seated. Audio-visual feeds from the conference here The speakers included Colin Challen MP (Lab); Norman Baker MP (Lib Dem); Jean Lambert MEP (Green); Mark Lynas; George Marshall, Co-direcor COIN; Hans-Josef Fell, German Green MP ; Agnes de Rooij, Greenpeace International; Benedict Southworth, Director World Development Movement; Oras Tynkkynen, Finnish Green MP; Mayer Hillman, Policy Studies Institute; Matthias Seiche, FOE Germany; Sible Schone, Hier Kampagne Netherlands; Amit Srivistava, India Resource Centre; Jeff Ridley Hadley Centre; Joss Garman, Plane Stupid; David Wasdell, Meridian Project; Dr Stuart Parkinson, Director, Scientists for Global Responsibility; Mark Bossanyi, Climate Action Bulgaria Coalition; Tom Stokes, Climate Crisis Coalition USA; Ichin Cheng, Taiwan Climate Campaign; Sharon Looremeta, Practical Action Kenya; Dr David Fleming; Wael Hmaidan, Director, IndyAct (Lebanon); Mayte Blasco NOE2, Switzerland; Jason Torrance, Transport 2000; Mike Fairchild, Stop Stansted Expansion; Judith Kill, FERN; Dr Cath Long, Rainforest Foundation; Paige Mitchell, Slower Speeds; Paul Brannen, Christian Aid; Marion Birch, MEDAC; John Lanchbery, RSPB; Larry Lohman, Corner House; Kevin Smith, Carbon Trade Watch; Almuth Ernsting, Biofuelwatch; Claire Fauset, Marc Hudson, Climate Camp; Phil Thornhill, Coordinator CCC; Dave Hampton, Carbon Coach; Neale Upstone, Global Commons Institute; Muzammal Hussain, London Islamic Network for the Environment; Christian Ecology Link; Dr Susan Roaf, Low Carbon Cities Initiative; Rising Tide; Chris Rose,; Jonathan Neale; Guy Taylor, Globalise Resistance; Elaine Graham-Leigh, RESPECT environment spokesperson; Rhania Khan, RESPECT councillor; Derek Wall, Green party Principal Speaker; Solitaire Townsend, Futerra; Planet Positive; Simon Retallack, Institute of Public Policy Research; Gerry Wolff, TREC; Peter Lockley, Airport Watch; Nick Rau, FOE; Greenpeace UK, People and Planet and more.... There were 2 Major plenaries: The Need for Action on Saturday & Climate Campaigning around the World on Sunday. There were seminars & workshops on: Climate Science How bad, how fast?; Climate Change and Developemnt; Climate Change, the biggest issue of Global Justice and human rights ?; Green Taxes vs Carbon Rationing; CC & Aviation; CC & Transport; Solutions; Raising Awareness in Eastern Europe; CC & workers rights; Personal action; Contraction & Convergence; CC & Health; CC & Faith; Can we avoid dangerous CC & maintain growth ?; Carbon Trading; CC & Biodiversity; Bio-fuels; Future of Coal; Climate Disinformation; Nuclear: another energy is possible; CC & Deforestation; CC & the GLA; CC& Islam; Peak Oil; Carbon Trading; How to get a strong Climate Bill; Prospects for the Bali Talks and the Kyoto process post 2012; The Climate Camp; Carbon offsets, the debate; China and India, the emissions time bomb; Climate Campaigning in the Arab World and more.... For Timetable click here. For list of seminars and workshops click here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPOSE EXXON DAY Photos Donald Lyven, Barnet Green Party "Die-in" at the gates of ExxonMobil UK headquarters, near Leatherhead Surrey, on Good Friday April 6th, the day of the release of the "Climate Impacts" section of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, which outlined the devastating effects unchecked climate change will have on the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. We brought our anger at Exxon's cynical campaign of disinformation on climate change right up to the gates of their UK HQ for 24 hours, from 5.00pm Thursday 5th to 5.00 pm Good Friday April 6th. It started with a lonely 2 protestors putting together our 'globe-in-a greenhouse' under the scrutiny of the assembed forces of the law drawn up to defend the corporate miscreant in anticipation of our (moral) assault. Then there were tree climbing antics to string up our giant banner with the message "Climate Disinformation Kills", as more demonstrators arrived to leaflet the departing workers and blast out our message via megaphone. As the night drew in the curtain-sided truck for the stage arrived and a small band of overnighters from all around the country could gather within to stare out the defenders of the Exxon compex, with their floodlights, on the other side of the barrier. Later another gathering formed around a campfire in a lonely copse by moonlight, before collapsing into sleeping bags as the candles of the all-night vigil burned on. In the morning the Nathalie Koerfer breakfast-van swung into operation as protesters stirred into life or trickled into our 'protest camp' from Leatherhead railway station. Lining the barrier in front of the Exxon complex, by now, were cut-out heads of the numerous stooges that make up the 'hydra' of the Exxon climate disinformation network. Phil Thornhill then took a few of these to illustrate his talk on just a small selection from the Exxon catalogue of 'dirty tricks'. Numbers, slow to build at first, now began to increase as the 'Brixton Tea Party' arrived to keep them all refreshed. Duncan Law gave a seminar on 'reducing personal carbon foorprints' while Cornelius gave us a musical interlude. Soon it was time for speeches - from Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker(1 of 2) and Elaine Graham-Leigh, environment spokesperson from the RESPECT party. These were interrupted by wild clapping to greet the arrival of the cyclist party from London - which had been marauding 'Esso' garages en route, and then, later, the hard-core band of cyclists all the way from Brighton. After the speeches came the 'mass moment' when everybody lay flat for a symbolic 'die-in' in front of the Exxon gates to illustrate the deadly imacts of climate change (as substantiated by the UN report) - and more specifically the deadly impact of Exxon's campaign to delay effective action to deal with climate change. Extra poignancy was given to this by Chris Bluemel's melancholy violin solo - sufficient to dispel for a few moments the busy clamour of the present reality and allow a frightening comtemplation of the depth of the climate crisis we face. Shane Collins, veteran environmental campaigner and Green Party stalwart, then delivered us back to the present and the politics of what we can do now to resolve the crisis. There was performance poetry, too, from Dennis just Menis and Grassy Knoll, as well as a lively number to jig to from Chris on the violin. Phil returned to wrap up the speeches by reminding everyone of the very real damage done by Exxon and the need for our campaign to continually confront those with most power and most responsibility for blocking progress or failing to take action to deal with the huge threat to humanity posed by the climate crisis. The protest on this beautiful bright Spring day then gradually wound down as musicians Sarah Behr and Rob arrived late, yet again, but rewarded those who had stayed the full course. The small bunch of lively dancers reluctantly terminated proceedings as the truck had to be driven away and the gear packed up. But a few ballons remained stuck in the trees with the message: "Exxon's Lies Kill". More info on Exxon here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Climate Disinformation continues to do damage as in the recent Channel 4 "Great Global Warming Swindle". See refutation here and here . See how one of the scientific contributors felt misled here . See further this Climate Denial Website (scroll down to "The Great Channel 4 Swindle"), where you can see many of the people involved (eg Fred Singer, Patrick Michaels) have been part of the ExxonMobil funded climate disinformation industry over the years. Exxon-funded disinformation is still doing damage ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For our Public meeting - "Is ExxonMobil the World's Worst Climate Criminal ?" on March 5th 2007, with Chris Huhne MP (Lib Dem shadow environment minister), Jeremy Legget (Director Solar Century and author 'Carbon Wars' and 'Half Gone'), Mika Mina Paluello (Platform), Claire Fauset (Corporate Watch), Derek Wall (Green Party Principal Speaker) and Martin Empson (RESPECT) see here. For our October 21st 2006 action outside the offices of the "International Policy Network", an Exxon-funded organsiation promoting climate disinformation, based here in the UK - see here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- National Climate March Saturday 4th November 2006 Part of a day of International Protest on Climate Change ( see here ) on the Saturday before the UN Climate Talks in Nairobi. Demo is Huge Success ! Up to 20,000 on march, another 10,000 in Trafalgar Square. Thanks everyone for making it happen ! The 4th November was the Saturday before the UN Climate Talks (COP 12/ MOP 2) in Nairobi (6th-17th November). On this day there were demonstrations and events, demanding urgent action on climate change all round the world ( see ). In Nairobi, itself, there will be a demonstration on Saturday 11th November, midway through the Talks, whilst the delegates are actually present. The London demo was a huge success with an overall turn out more than twice that of last year(see below ) when we had 10,000 on the streets of London. The day kicked off early in Grosvenor Square, outside the US embassy at 11.00 am, with poetry and performance from avariety of artists. Then, as the Square began to fill things really livened up as "Seize the Day" took the stage with their brand of 'protest-folk' . Meanwhile the Cycle Protest, starting out from Lincoln's Inn Fields, had already demonstrated outside the Australian embassy and had also delivered a letter to No 10 Downing street, demanding a Climate Bill, with ANNUAL targets amongst other things. The cyclists arrived - noisily - in the Square, all 600 or so of them, just as our first speaker, Collin Challen MP had started. More great speeches followed from Norman Baker MP for the Lib Dems, Caroline Lucas MEP, for the Greens, Zac Goldsmith (was it for the Tories or for the Ecologist magazine ?) and Raniya Khan for respect. Next we had none other than our local prelate, the Bishop of London , speaking eloquently about how climate change would hit the poor. And finally our Honorary President and star speaker campaigning journalist George Monbiot, who was on the very best of form. There remained Phil Thornhill, Campaign Coordinator to round things off and invite everyone to join the "March for Global climate Justice". By now the square was swarming with folk and buzzing with all kind of activity. Some kind of order was formed out of chaos as our veteran 'globe-in-a-greenhouse' headed the prcession out of the square, with all manner of flag and placard-wielding folk behind. A samba band had started in one part of the square, whilst a New orleans Jazz band livened up the departing throng. Yet another kind of sound was provided by a lone Scotch piper near the front of the march. Amazingly the great cavalcade of sound and activity reached Trafalgar Square on schedule - though since the march stretched just about all the way back to Grosvenor Square from here it took some tme for all the marchers to find their way into the square to witness what remained of the "I Count" rally with assorted celebs and a band (whose name I never get right). Altogether it was a fantastic triumph with the march on its own possibly twice as big as last years - not to mention the folk already gathered in Trafalgar Square.

Meanwhile the international demonstrations and events, we already knew, were taking place in over 40 countries - twice as many as last year. And by now we'd had reports that there had been 40, 000 in Sydney, 30, 000 in Melbourne and maybe 90,000 in 20+ locations all round Australia. Colourful demonstrations in Taiwan and Korea, too. And the reports are still coming in from all round the world . See .


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