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Miriam Kennet (This biography is from 2009-For an up to date biography for years to 2012 please see Miriam Kennet Biography 2012 in About us

Miriam Kennet is the Co Founder and CEO of the Green Economics Institute and founder and Editor of the International Journal of Green Economics the first green academic journal in the world which is published by Inderscience publishers of academic journals. She is editor of the Green Economics and Sustainable Growth, Series of books by Gower Management Publishers and Ashcroft Academic Publishers.

She is a member of Oxford University 's Environmental Change Institute and Mansfield College , Oxford University . She has degrees from South Bank University , London , (Economics) Oxford University Environmental Change and Management ( Economics and Environment) and Leeds University and is qualified in International Procurement and Supply Chain Management too. She researches at Keele University 's SPIRE Research Centre and has researched into environmental economics at Oxford Brookes University, and London University, South Bank.

She has taught Sustainable Development to UK Government Departments as part of the National Government School.

She is also on the editorial board of numerous academic journals including the International Journal of Industrial Ecology based in Finland and the Sindh Journal of Agriculture in Pakistan and several others, including the International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics based in India and the International Journal of Economics Philosophy based in Romania amongst others.

She has taught,trained and lectured recently at Oxford University, Bath University, Cambridge University, Birkbeck College, London University, Slubice University Poland, Frankfurt am Oder, European University Germany, and in Berlin, amongst others.

She is invited to speak or teach at Bainbridge University USA , Brussels University, Campinas University,Brazil, Institute of Mathematics, Abuja, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South China Normal University and many others as well as lecturing for AT Kearney Management Consultants and Oslo, Norway and for UNEP and in the Oxford Union and French Senat the Austrian Parliament and recently advised Irish Government members too.

She lectured about the economics of former eastern european countries last year in Poland at Slubice University

She is a regular speaker on environmental and green economics research and disciplinary developments, instruments and methodology and is regarded as a particular innovator in this area.

She has many publications and journal articles -and also has contributed to Harvard School Economics Review , and three book chapters including an Economics Lecturers and Researchers Textbook for Routledge, and a chapter on Socio Ecological Transformations for the Rosa Luxemburg Research Foundation and a chapter on Environmental Economics Teaching and education for Syracuse University in the USA, as well as co- editing and originating a book on Green Economics 1997.

She runs regular conferences at Oxford University on Sustainable Development and Green Economics.

Councillor Miriam Kennet is Co-founder and Director of the Green Economics Institute

She is the Founder and Editor of the International Journal of Green Economics which is published by Inderscience and can be seen on and on the Editorial Review Board of several other journals including International Journal of Ecological Economics & Statistics, and the International Journal of Industrial Ecology.

She is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statstics based in India

She is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Industrial Ecology based in Finland

She is on the Editorial Board of the Sindh Journal of Agriculture based in Pakistan

She is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Environmental Philosophy based in Romania

She is co- author with Dr Molly Scot Cato of "Green Economics,Beyond Supply and Demand to Meeting People's Needs," a book on Green Economics published by Green Audit 1998 as a result of running numerous conferences on Green Economics all over the UK, for the complete list please see the conferences page.

Miriam has extensive management experience in business, including 5 years setting up France Telecom Orange global outsourcing team and its supply chains and Baxter Healthcares European IT teams, Babcock Power and Nortel Telecoms international operations.

She has worked in many countries in Western Europe such as France, Germany, Belgium Spain and Portugal amongst others. She has degrees from Leeds University, South Bank University and Oxford University and has authored many articles and is writing books for several publishers on business and economics including Editing entire series on Green Economics and Sustainable Growth with Gower Business Management Publishers and Ashgate Academic Press.

She has carried out extensive research into corporate sustainable strategies and now advises the Civil Service in the Cabinet Office, the European Greens in the European parliament and is working with a speaking in the European Commission on the next Stern Report on Biodiversity issues in economics.

She is Director of a Supply Chain Company, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management which consults with some of the largest companies in the UK and also of the Green Economics Institute and a trustee of its Trust.

Miriam founded and edited the first tripple blind peer reviewed Green Academic Journal in the world for an academic publisher based in Geneva which is extremely sucessful and there is great competition to get articles in there as they are of the highest quality, and she is therefore about to found another one based in the Uk.

Her recent research is investigating economics methodology, and her previous research was about stakeholder theory and sustainability.

She has taught at Birkbeck College London University, and this year has trained participants in Yorkshire and Poland, Frankfurt, and Berlin in Germany amongst others and runs regular conferences at Oxford University, and she has recently written for the Harvard Economics Review in the USA, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin, and for "Europe's World" the leading European Policy Magazine. With Judith Felton, she has now developed a global network in 47 countries working to update and reform economics.

She is a regular speaker on all aspects of economics, including at Oxford University Politics,Philosphy and Economics Society on the reform of Economics. She is a member of Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute which is very influential in the climate change debate and Mansfield Colllege which specialises in ethics.

Her current research at Keele University is looking at theoretical approaches to understanding stakeholder needs comparing stakeholder theory with the nascent discipline of green economics in the setting of procurement, supply side and Purchasing Practices. She trained in economics with Grazia Ietto Gillies in Foreign Direct Investment and Strategies of International Firms as well as at Templeton College Business School Oxford University.

She is concerned with the effects on stakeholders of such practises as outsourcing and off shoring and single sourcing and how modern purchasing practises are accelerating globalization and affecting more and more stakeholders.

She is committed to finding better models to inform the development of purchasing and its relationship with big multi national global companies and larger management consultants and to start helping ordinary people and local communities throughout the world.

She is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

As a practioner specialising in supply for large infrastracture projects she is uniquely able to test her theories in practise in the international environment in which she works.


Her publications include:(Those below are up to 2009 only please see more recent biography for more recent works: including 4 series editing of books and many book chapters

Kennet M., (2009) Pluralism and Green Economics teaching and Pedagogy,. edited Jack Reardon, Publisher Routledge. in Pluralist teaching in Economics.

Kennet M., (2009) Greening the Academy in Nocella A., Publisher, Syracuse University USA.

Kennet M., (2009) Europe's World Journal Website. Publisher, Friends of Europe.Janaury 2009.

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Kennet .M., (2004) Kennet M., (2004) How do current purchasing methods in large international companies affect stakeholders? Research to investigate the effect of purchasing trends and practices on people and planet. In Proceedings of "The 2004 Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Conference."Edited Richard Welford. ERP Environment. Shipley.West Yorkshire.p.129 48th and 29th June 2004

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in Oxford University Procedings 8th April 2006

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Kennet M. and Bridger R. (2009) Forthcoming. Gower Management Handbook of Procurement and Supply Chains. Gower Publishing.

Kennet M. and Bridger R. (2009) Forthcoming.Gower Management Handbook of Sustainable Growth and Green Globalisation. Gower Publishing.

She will be guest editor for the International Journal of Ecological economics and statistics in January 2010.

Some highlights of previous and forthcoming speeches also include

Radio Alicante in Villana about the credit crunch for Spain, January 2009.

BBC Radio The Money Programme for Budget Day 2008

Recent speeches Radio 4 May 2006 Westminster Programme

World Council of Business and sustainable development in Geneva interviewed by Nick Gowing of BBC February 2006

Forum for the Future speech on regulation to the Forum's scholars, in May 2006 She will be speaking at the Basic Income Conference in June in Dublin

She spoke at Green Spirit in Ascot 2005

Oxford University Politics philosophy and economics society lecture 2004

She spoke in the Scottish Parliament in November 2006

She spoke in the Austrian Parliament on Lower Growth Economics in October 2007

Will be speaking at Edinburgh University 2008

She is invited to Brittany to speak to the French Greens August 2007

She was invited to the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation in Berlin in June 2007

She spoke at the Heterodox Economics Conference in its plenary on commodification and the informal economy with Barbara Harris - White, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, in July 2007

. She was keynote speaker at the Heterodox Economics conference July 2008 University in Cambridge

She was keynote speaker at the Green IT Expo at the Barbican Centre London November 2008

She debated at the Oxford Union in June 2008

She is adressing the European society at Oxford University February 2009

She will be keynote speaker for the AGM of the Ecological Building Society 2009

She will chair a session on waste at the UNEP Middle East Waste Conference Spring 2009

She was a keynote speaker at the UN in Geneva at its launch in Greening the Economy

She spoke in the French Senat in June 2008

She will be speaking at JCB about Corporate Social Responsibility in March 2008

She is a regular consulting trainer with the National Government School

She spoke in the Plenary on the state of the art in Green Economics at the Association of Heterodox Economists at Cambridge in July 2008

She will be speaking at Oxford University on Social aspects of Green Economics February 2008

She was invited to speak at the Swedish Greens Conference in 2008

She will be speaking at a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder theory at JCB in March 2008

She has spoken at Leeds at the CSR conference on business on several occaisions

. She discussed speaking on the main platform for Earth Day July 2007


She promoted the Road Traffic Reduction Act in Parliament

She is very active in women's issues and was part of the Oxfam funded Women's Economics Group and is aware of the enormous philosophical contribution of women'seconomics to the development of Green Economics.

She deplores the current government and US activities in Iraq and believes they are the result of rampant globalization and greed and only were followed to benefit the oil companies and reconstruction firms.

"Green economics or economics as if people mattered avoids the need for this kind of behaviour."

Contact Miriam at: replace "AT" by @ : this is an anti spam measure)

Miriam Kennet May 2007


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