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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
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Miriam Kennet is the Co Founder and CEO of the Green Economics Institute and is a member of Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute and Mansfield College, Oxford University. She has degrees from South Bank University, London, (Economics) Oxford University Environmental Change and Management ( Economics and Environment) and Leeds University ( International History and Economics History and Archaeology) and is qualified in International Procurement and Supply Chain Management too. She researches at Keele University's SPIRE Research Centre and has researched into environmental economics at Oxford Brookes, and London South Bank.

She is the founder and Editor of the International Journal of Green Economics - with Inderscience Publishers, She is also on the editorial board of numerous academic journals including the International Journal of Industrial Ecology based in Finland and the Sindh Journal of Agriculture in Pakistan and several others, including the International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics based in India and the International Journal of Economics Philosophy based in Romania amongst others. She is also Series Editor for the Gower Management Publishers and Ashcroft Research Publishers' Series on Sustainable Growth and Economics. She has taught spoken and lectured this year at Oxford University, Bath University, Cambridge University, Birkbeck College, London University, Slubice University Poland, Frankfurt am Oder, European University Germany, and in Berlin, amongst others. She will lecture or speak or teach next year at Bainbridge University USA , Brussels University, Belgium, Campinas University,Brazil, Institute of Mathematics, Abuja, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South China Normal University and many others as well as lecturing for AT Kearney Management Consultants and also in speaking in Oslo, Norway and Bahrain for UNEP and in the Oxford Union and French Senat.

She is a regular speaker on environmental and green economics research and disciplinary developments, instruments and methodology and is regarded as a particular innovator in this area.

She has many publications and journal articles -and also has contributed to Harvard School Economics Review this year, and three book chapters including an Economics Lecturers and Researchers Textbook for Routledge, and a chapter on Socio Ecological Transformations for the Rosa Luxemburg Research Foundation and a chapter on Environmental Economics for Syracuse University in the USA, as well as co- editing and originating a book on Green Economics 1997.

Miriam works and speaks, lectures and trains in English, French and German, and has qualifications in Greek.

Volker Heinemann is Financial Director of the Green Economics Institute and an economist holding degrees from Kiel University, Germany, (Economics) Goettingen University in Germany (Economics) and Nottingham University in the UK (Economics) as well as a qualified Professional Auditor and Accountant, formerly with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

He is author of Oekonomie der Zukunft a book about Green Economics, and is Co Founder of the Green Economics Institute and is a former Die Gruenen Councillor for Velmar in Hesse in Germany.

Volker worked in Chile as a journalist and writer for 6 months, and has lectured at Campinas University, Brazil, South America.

He has numerous publications and writes on economics, macro economics and international trade issues as well as the development of economics as a discipline and economics instruments. He co edits the prestigious academic and research proceedings of the Oxford University Conferences, (with Miriam Kennet), which are run by the Green Economics Institute and is Deputy Editor of the academic journal International Journal of Green Economics published by Inderscience. Volker writes and lectures and speaks in German and English and Spanish.

Victor Anderson studied (PPE) Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University, UK, and is a Senior Economist at the Sustainable Development Commission and a former researcher House of Commons on policy for Plaid Cymru. He was an elected London Assembly Member. He was the originator of the UK government's policy research into Redefining Prosperity which has been quoted in the New Scientist November 2008. He is author of Alternative economic indicators, Routledge, London, (1991) 106 pp. Author of books on energy, and on economic indicators and other articles on economics.

Dr. Susan Canney is a conservation ecologist whose career has covered work and research in a range of African and Asian countries, including elephants in Mahli, and in Romania, the USA and in the UK with Sir Crispin Tickell at the Green College Centre for Environmental Policy and Understanding at Oxford. She has Masters degrees in Natural Sciences (Cambridge),Environmental Policy (Lancaster), Landscape Design (Sheffield); and a DPhil. From Oxford University in using remote sensing and GIS to investigate Savanna ecology and human impact in the Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania.

Her interests include the intersection between international conservation, human development, and environmental values; and their relation to global ecology.

Susan was an Environmental Change Institute,Oxford University Teaching Fellow.

Research into the Development of Green Economics as a School of Economics

Dr Jeffrey David Turk is a research fellow at the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences and works closely with us on many of our projects and is on our Management Team.

He holds doctorates in contemporary European studies (Sussex 2003) and experimental particle physics (Yale 1994) and an MA in economics (Central European University, Budapest 1997). He helped to coordinate an international project on industrial networking in Slovenia and Hungary.

He also set up and is a main partner in the project Habitus of the Slovene Entrepreneur, which studies the development of Slovenia during socialism. He was involved in the coordination of the completed 6th Framework project AQUADAPT, which studied sustainable management of water in Europe. He also helped organise the Long Term Ecological Research network in Slovenia (LTER-Slovenia), which is now part of both the International (ILTER) and European networks.

His current research interests are European environmental policy, European integration and learning from physical and social science for Economics methodology and instruments.

Graciela Chichilniski, Professor of Economics and Mathematics at Columbia University USA, and prolific author and innovator has just joined our management and research team and writes extensively on the development of Green Economics, Green Markets and invented Carbon Trading as a concept and wrote and led the Nobel Prize winning, IPCC Report.

Professor Jack Reardon USA Hamline University is on our Management Team and is very active in developing Green Economics as a discipline and in writing books and articles for us.

Professor Priscilla Alderson University of London, Insitute of Education is a specialist in Human Rights and also Childhood issues and learning and teaching and is very active on our Editorial and Management Boards and helping us develop our thinking and publications on Green Economics.

Professor Tony Lawson Head of Econometrics at Cambridge University has been very supportive in the development of Green Economics as a field of Research and writing, building and extending his concepts of Economics and Reality and is on our Editorial Board contributing articles for our development research.


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